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University Program Review Committee (UPRC)

2019-20 Membership:

MemberRepresentative Area
Lou Moss Academic Affairs Program Manager
David Bechtold Faculty Lead, College of Business
Emily Ondracek-Peterson   Faculty Lead, Faculty Senate Appointment

Sue Ahrendt

School of Education
Zsuzsa Balogh College Professional Studies
Kathy Deakin College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
William Gustashaw School of Education 
Andrew Holt College of Business
Jeff Lewis College of Business
Shawn Meek College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Lisa Ortiz College of Professional Studies


Changes to the University's program review process were approved by the UPRC and the Academic Affairs senior leadership team (A2) in April 2019, during which time the 2-Year Program Progress Report was added to the assessment and program review process. The Office of Curriculum and Academic Effectiveness is currently working with deans, chairs, and other stakeholders to implement all changes to the program review process. 

Documents and Forms:

University Program Review Schedule  (updated 6/2019)

Program Review 2 Year Progress Report (added 4/2019)

Program Review Guidelines 2019-20  (added 5/2019)

Site Reviewer Approval Request Form 

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