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Working for Metro State Latino/a Students

  • Latino/a Mentoring Program - to provide students with networking opportunities to connect with key Latino/a individuals on campus and the community.
  • Latino Student Orientation - at the beginning of each Fall semester, the LFSA in partnership with MSCD offers incoming freshman an orientation specialized to meet the needs of Latino students and their families.
  • Latino Staff Association Scholarship Program, annually awards scholarship to continuing MSCD students.
  • Latino Graduation - Recognizes graduating seniors at annual event held each May. During our ceremony we present the Espiritu De Aztlan Awards. They honor one student and one faculty/staff member for their contributions to Metro State and the community.

Working for Latino/a Faculty and Staff

  • Addresses the concerns of faculty; Helps faculty in the process of tenure
  • Advocates for increased numbers of Latino/as on staff at MSCD
  • Works with the Equal Opportunity Office to ensure representative numbers of Latino faculty and staff on campus
  • Works with the Administration to help with retention of Latino students.

Our Mission
Our guiding mission is to facilitate and assist in the development and continuation of the organization in order to address the interests of the Latino community at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Our Vision
Our vision is to promote and pursue affirmative action efforts to achieve and maintain parity of Latinos within the college community.

Our Core Values
Quality - To preserve a mechanism to ensure recruitment and retention of Latino students

Integrity - To articulate policies and procedures affecting Latino faculty, staff and students at The Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Colleague Satisfaction - To develop and maintain a communication network and provide advocacy services between Latino Faculty and Staff Association and the Hispanic community in the Denver metro area.

Continuous Improvement - To foster unity and cooperation among Latinos.

Leadership - We lead by example and encourage leadership qualities at all levels. Everyone has a role to play.

People Focus - We believe the Latino Faculty and Staff Association is key to our success. We value all members of our diverse group for their individual contributions and their team achievements.

Community Involvement - Giving back is our heritage. We actively participate and invest in the on campus community at The Metropolitan State College of Denver. Faculty and staff provide scholarship and mentoring support to Latino students.

Commitment to Campus Allies - We serve all campus allies and, through balancing our responsibilities to all, we maximize value to each of them.

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