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Trustees approve draft performance contract supporting statewide higher education master plan

The Board of Trustees last week approved the University’s draft performance contract with the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, which sets out how MSU Denver proposes to implement the CCHE master plan for post-secondary education.

The commission is scheduled to discuss the master plan at its meeting on Thursday.

Performance contracts reflect the individualized goals and expectations for each institution of higher education over the next five years, which will support the four statewide goals identified in the master plan: credential completion, student momentum and success, closing progress and attainment gaps and financial stewardship.

“The four goals are universal and apply to everybody, but how each of the institutions reaches those goals is really unique to the institution…[and] based on who they are currently and where they need to strive to improve,” says Julie McCluskie, communications director for Lt. Gov. Joseph Garcia.

Over the past couple of years, the board and President Stephen Jordan have been asked by the commission to provide input on the draft statewide strategic plan, legislation implementing the plan, proposed statewide performance metrics and the performance indicators proposed for the University.

For MSU Denver, the indicators are consistent with the objectives and strategies in A Time of Transformation, the University’s 2012-17 strategic plan, and ongoing efforts to enhance and support student success.

Among other things, the University’s performance contracts include increasing undergraduate retention and graduation rates; increasing the successful completion of introductory Pathway courses in English and math; boosting retention across all levels; increasing the proportion of students who accumulate at least 24 credit hours; and expanding the participation of underserved students in STEM disciplines.

If general fund appropriations to higher education are restored to 2008-2009 levels after the 2015-2016 state fiscal year, the commission will recommend to the joint budget committee a performance-based funding amount based upon a school’s success in meeting the goals and expectations in the performance contract.

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