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New administrator evaluations to include “360-degree” review

By Cliff Foster

Human Resources (HR) at Metro State has announced the revision of the evaluation forms for administrators that includes a new “360-degree” review by colleagues or others who will rate the employee’s performance and provide feedback.

Two days of training in using the new forms were held last week and another is scheduled for May 29. Additional training sessions will be held as requested.

“This training is not about evaluation of performance in general but on the use of the revised forms only,” says HR Associate Vice President Judy Zewe.

The forms to be used effective 2012-13 include: Annual performance rating form, the evaluation instrument, self-evaluation form, feedback form and a copy of the language that will be included in the feedback survey instrument. They are on the HR website under administrator—click on forms—and then performance management.

Last summer, Metro State’s senior leadership directed Human Resources, in collaboration with a committee of administrators, to review the administrative evaluation instruments and recommend ways to make the process more efficient with the ability to identify goals specific to the job responsibilities.  

The 360-degree component includes feedback from six or more individuals determined by the supervisor and the administrator being rated. The evaluators may include subordinates, peers, deans and above and external community members. "Selection is based on the contact that the administrator may have with various individuals during the course of their performance," Zewe explains.

The purpose, according to the feedback form, is to help individuals become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses; to help identify development areas and facilitate changes in work style or effectiveness; to communicate the perceptions or expectations of co-workers related to competencies and performance; and to plan employee training and development.

Among other categories, the 360-degree form asks the rater to evaluate the employee’s performance in areas such as job knowledge, quality of work and communication skills on a scale ranging from excellent to very poor or cannot judge. “This employee has my confidence” is rated on a six-point scale from very strongly agree to very strongly disagree. The rater is also asked whether he or she can commend the employee for one key success or action and recommend one growth opportunity.

Metro State has secured the services of a third-party vendor specializing in compilation of data and generation of summary reports to be used by the supervisor as a part of determining final evaluation ratings for the year.  The form says that a rater’s answers will be compiled with feedback from other employees or contacts “and therefore will be anonymous.”

Because of the new forms, the deadline to complete evaluation planning has been extended to June 15.  With the new forms, the supervisor and administrator retain the evaluation planning form until completion of the final annual evaluation. Upon completion, the supervisor submits the final evaluation, the rating form, the self-evaluation form and the 360-degree summary report to HR for inclusion in the administrator’s personnel file.

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