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The Institute for Women's Studies and Services offers information for students on a variety of local and national scholarships. Current applications for many scholarships are available in our office at 1059 9th Street Park in one of the historic houses near the Mercantile. Since it is impossible to provide every application, the address, phone number and a link to the organization's website is provided. If there is no website, call or write the organization directly.

We have information about more than 170 local and national community-based scholarships. You can view the list on this site or stop by our office to pick up a copy of the list. We also offer workshops on how to apply for scholarships and are available to provide individual assistance with applications and essays. In addition, we distribute applications for several local scholarships.

IWSS Scholarships

The Institute for Women's Studies and Services also offers three scholarships of its own: the Meredith Wetzel Scholarship, the Pamela McIntyre Marcum Scholarship, and the Activist Scholarship. We also help with the Nueva Esperanza Scholarship with the CAMP Program. These awards are given out each academic year at the Outstanding Women's Awards Banquet. Online applications are currently open for the 2015-2016 academic year. Apply now by clicking the "IWSS Scholarships" tab on the left.

Want to make a difference? You can donate to the three scholarships we offer! Follow the link below and designate your selection of the Institute for Women's Studies and Services under "Department" or list the scholarship(s) you wish to donate to in the comments section.

Scholarship Workshops!

See the workshops page.


The descriptions of the scholarship criteria include the pertinent information so that you will be able to decide whether you are eligible prior to contacting the organization. Some organizations require that applicants be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.

Scholarship Deadline Dates

The deadline months appear in the parenthesis after the name of the scholarship. Deadlines may differ from year to year as do some of the criteria. It is important that you check with the organization directly to find out if there are any changes. ALWAYS use the application for the current year. Most organizations will not accept an outdated application.

The Institute for Women's Studies and Services is the contact listed for many of the local scholarships. Scholarships offered by volunteer organizations that do not have a centralized office send their applications directly to our office to distribute. Contact us at 303.556.8441 if you have questions about specific scholarships.

Scholarship List

Metropolitan State University of Denver Scholarship Application

The Scholarship Application Process

Information to help you through the scholarship application process. This includes tips on finding the right scholarships, getting organized, writing the right essay, following through, and more.

If you are a student on the Auraria campus, we encourage you to attend one of our scholarship workshops offered during fall and spring semesters on campus and to stop by our office to utilize our scholarship resource area.

Useful Scholarship Links

Check out these sites to obtain information for which you may qualify. Many have you create a profile and they will match you to scholarships for which you are eligible. Also, you may try doing a net search, as information is being added to the Internet every day.