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April 4, 2014

Mike Monssor, Assistant Professor of Speech

Title: A Tale of Two Friendships: Joji and Jennifer

Despite considerable research suggesting that it is no longer appropriate to do so, scholars routinely use the labels “female” and “male” to indicate biological sex, and “masculinity” and “femininity” to denote the rich range of gender identities.  In this presentation I contend that cross-gender friendship researchers, and by extension, all scholars investigating gendered relationships, should move away from “sexual dimorphism” and conceptualize gender and biological sex as occurring on continuums rather than treating them as dichotomous constructs. My friendships with two “members of the opposite sex”, Jorji and Jennifer, will be used to illustrate principles about the protean and permeable nature of postmodern gender identities as they relate to conventional and nonconventional friendships between “women” and “men.” These issues, and more, will be clearly connected to contemporary themes in the feminist literature.

May 2, 2014

Shannon Coffey, Affiliate Faculty for Sociology and Women's Studies

Title: Transgressing Hegemony: Utilizing Constructivist Pedagogies Within the First Year Classroom

This presentation reflects upon the utilization of transgressive/constructivist pedagogies within the first year classroom. Applications of constructivist pedagogies are explored including hip hop as well as Disney and Monster High. The primary hip hop artists whose narratives were brought into the classroom are: Tupac Shakur and Emmanuel Jal. Popular culture elements that were employed are: Disney and Monster High. Particular attention is paid to projections of racial, ethnic, and gender constructions. The combination of these pedagogies – hip hop and popular culture – provide a tangible basis for first year students, namely students who were underrepresented within academia, to build upon. Utilizing these constructivist peagogies in the classroom and their overall effectiveness will be discussed.


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