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MSU Denver's Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks

The University has two wireless networks — 'MSUDenver' and 'MSUDenver-Guest'. The 'MSUDenver' network is a secure, encrypted network that is available for all current MSU Denver students, faculty, and staff to use. It can be accessed on any mobile device, tablet, or laptop using your NetID (the first portion of your email address - before "") and password.

'MSUDenver-Guest' is a guest wireless network that is available in various buildings throughout campus. Please note that you may need to open a browser to accept the terms and conditions to join the guest network. The map below provides coverage information:



ITS suggests that MSU Denver students, faculty, and staff use the ‘MSUDenver’ wireless network, whenever possible, because it provides a faster, more secure experience.

How to Connect to the 'MSUDenver' Wireless Network

Please click on the selection below that applies to your device in order to expand instructions for connecting to the 'MSUDenver' wireless network:

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