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Veterans Upward Bound

 The Veterans Upward Bound Program (VUB) is derived from the US Department of Education Federal TRIO Programs, which were created through the Higher Education Act of 1965. These programs were implemented to assist our nation’s economically disadvantaged population with access to higher education. Other TRIO programs are Educational Talent Search, High School Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Educational Opportunity Center, and McNair Scholars. These programs’ participants include students from as early as middle school up to the graduate school level.


VUB was created in 1972 as a priority project to meet the academic needs of veterans returning from the Viet Nam War. VUB was designed to provide an atmosphere on the nation’s college campuses that was conducive to this population of veterans, thereby easing their transition back into civilian society. By the end of 1973 there were 68 VUB projects nationwide. Currently, 50 projects are in operation providing program services to more than 6,700 veterans every year, from every war era, and peacetime era since the early 1950’s (Korea, Viet Nam, Persian Gulf, OIF-OEF, etc.).


The primary mission of the VUB Program is to provide eligible military veterans with academic skills refresher training through a core curriculum of subjects that prepares them to succeed at the postsecondary educational level. VUB also provides participants a unique pre-collegiate experience that is designed to remove apprehensions that many veterans, as non-traditional students, may have about entering postsecondary education.


As a supplement to the core curriculum, participants are also informed of various support services that are available to all students on nearly every college campus. Upon their successful completion of the VUB Program, veteran participants are not only familiar with the services and resources that would be available to them as students, but more importantly they possess a renewed confidence in their academic abilities. A vital asset that is necessary for success in postsecondary education.


Metropolitan State University of Denver has been the host institution for the first VUB program in Colorado since 1973, primarily serving veterans in the Denver metropolitan area. In Fall 2002 VUB expanded its coverage area and to serve veterans in Mesa County on Colorado’s western slope.

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