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MSU Denver Urban Impact

A valuable partner with undeniable influence

For nearly a half century Metropolitan State University of Denver’s impact has echoed throughout this great state. Its size, combined with its skilled faculty, diverse student body, urban setting and historic mission to make higher education more accessible, creates an undeniable influence that resonates from the Auraria Campus to all four of Colorado’s corners and well beyond.


MSU Denver has proven itself a willing and valuable partner with businesses, all levels of government, nonprofits, fellow colleges and universities, K-12 schools and many other organizations in solving the difficult problems our society and its citizens face every day.

To name just a few of our endeavors, these partnerships are working to boost high-school graduation rates, to give at-risk grade-schoolers role models, to make the arts and sciences relevant, to improve entrepreneurial endeavors and to give our own students valuable lessons of civic service. In short, these partnerships are strengthening the fabric of our society one thread at a time.

And as an urban land-grant institution, the University vows to continue forming these meaningful partnerships to solve urban problems through experiential learning and community programs that fuel economic development, provide access to cultural resources and strengthen social cohesion.