Get Registered for TLD 2013: Common Ground
District 70 Workshop - Pueblo

Evergreen School District - Washington

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November 2012

Get Registered for TLD 2013: Common Ground

Mark your calendars! TLD 2013: Common Ground is coming March 1, 2013 to the new SpringHill Suites in downtown Denver. The format will consist of a suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations, and performances on a range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder - and to provoke

conversations that matter. Be ready for some surprising talks prompting you to find common ground among seemingly unrelated ideas, which just so happens to be the very power of primary sources! Focus will also be given to demonstrating the seamless integration of the new Common Core State Standards with primary sources and technology. Graduate credit, substitute reimbursement (available to the first 100 requests), and breakfast and lunch will be provided! more


Eventbrite - Teacher Librarian Day 2013: Common Ground



District 70 Workshop - Pueblo

In late October, TPS-Colorado traveled to Pueblo, CO for a two-day Level I workshop focused on exploring the vast online resources available through the Library of Congress. Fifteen District 70 educators of various disciplines were quick to find common pedagogical approaches among their various grade levels and subjects, all catalyzed through their work

with primary sources! This was TPS-Colorado's first collaboration with District 70. Local liason and CSU-Pueblo Professor of History, Jonathan Rees, worked diligently through local channels to bring together a great cross-section of Pueblo teachers (many seen below) for an exciting two days of exploration and revelation. One teacher even arrived armed with a magnifying glass, ready for discovery and inquiry at its finest.


Evergreen School District (WA)

At the end of October, Evergreen School District in Vancouver, Washington, hosted a special 2-day workshop that focused on integrating primary sources with the The Common Core - Literacy Standards. In attendance were over 20 middle school teachers from around the district. The incorporation of the Common Core Standards

will continue to be an important venture as more and more states implement them into their curricula read more


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