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Teacher Librarian Day 2012: Primary Passion
Revolutionary Learning: Inquiry and Critical Thinking Using Primary Sources
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A Newsletter Look

Over the past year, TPS-Colorado has been doing much more work nationally in the western U.S. Given this expanded regional focus, we've decided to broaden our communication efforts with this new TPS Western Region Newsletter. This new monthly newsletter will:

Unify local and national communication allowing for new regional collaboration opportunities.
Showcase a local workshop or event. -- jump to this month's feature from Colorado Springs
Showcase a regional workshop or event. -- jump to this month's feature from Texas

In conjunction with an updated newsletter, we're also introducing a revived TPS Western Region Blog. The blog will feature topical primary source-based posts, expanded articles from this newsletter, as well as an archive to past newsletters.

Be sure to click the read more links throughout this newsletter to access more information, view expanded stories, explore new ideas, and add your comments!



TPS Western Region Website

Along with the newsletter, the TPS Western Region is also introducing a new regional website. Bookmark it now to stay informed about everything TPS happening in the west. Updates include:

A full list of project activities by state
A new detailed criteria page & online grant application
A comprehensive regional calendar of events


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Teacher Librarian Day 2012: Primary Passion

Teacher Librarian Day

After the success of TLD 2011, we're excited to announce the date for Teacher Librarian Day 2012. Mark it on your calendars; TLD 2012 will take place on February 3, 2012 in the King Center on the Auraria Campus. Register now to reserve your seat!


Register for Teacher Librarian Day 2012 in Denver, CO  on Eventbrite


Unlike years past, this year the TPS Western Region would like to make a Call for Presenters. Do you know someone who is passionate about teaching with primary sources, truly making a difference in their school/community, and open to sharing their story? please contact us so we can provide them the opportunity to speak at TLD 2012!


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Revolutionary Learning: Inquiry and Critical Thinking Using Primary Sources (CO)

On July 28-29, we held a workshop for the Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs where participants investigated teaching with primary sources, 21st Century Skills, and inquiry through the lens of the Industrial Revolution. The workshop was also featured two debuts: Mary Johnson's QR code activity, and our dual inquiry model, which allowed the participants to view inquiry as both educator and learner.



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Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza (TX)

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza

On July 25-29, the TPS Western Regional Center, in a partnership with the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza, held a unique and innovative workshop

titled: "The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Teaching with Primary Sources Institute.” Over a 5-day period attendees were engaged in:

a bus tour that took them to all the relevant sites regarding the assassination of JFK
a mock trail of accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald
virtual tours of the Library of Congress website, focusing on presidential succession


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