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TLD 2013: Common Ground- Video Sneak Peek
District 11 Elementary Level I Workshop
History Colorado Postcard Contest

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April 2013

TLD 2013: Common Ground - Video Sneak Peek

Teacher Librarian Day

On March 1st of this year, over 150 educators gathered for Teacher Librarian Day at SpringHill Suites Downtown at Metropolitan State University. This year was a new venue, but another great success. We hope to have all resources and recorded videos up very soon, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek at a couple of the videos:

Stephanie Hartman, Social Studies, Colorado Department of Education on "Finding Common Ground: Common Core State Standards and Primary Sources" and Stevan Kalmon, Director, Council on 21st Century Learning on "Learning to Question."


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District 11 Elementary Level I Workshop

District 11 Photo

On January 25, 38 educators of District 11 gathered at the beautiful El Pomar Penrose House in Colorado Springs to discover the potential of primary sources. TPS liaison for District 11, Joan Jahelka, Social Studies Facilitator & AVID District Director, organized the workshop after seeing such clear connections between the goals of TPS and the District 11 Continuous Cycle Model.

Participants explored local sources, including an observation station on the summit of Pikes Peak, before diving into deeper analysis and initial development of their own primary source-based activities. The effectivness of these activities, along with further exploration of the Library of Congress, will be key components of a follow-up workshop coming April 26, 2013.


History Colorado Postcard Contest

History Colorado

In celebration of Archeology and Historic Preservation Month, and the 20th Anniversary of the State Historical Fund (Your state funding agency that helps to preserve historic places across the state including the Colorado Capitol) History Colorado is hosting a postcard contest for students in grades 1-12. Winners will be honored in our Hands On History Preservation Festival on May 18, 2013!

So kick start those brains, break out the colored pencils, turn on the multimedia, and think about those Colorado places important to you and tell us about them by creating a postcard!

Deadline: May 1, 2013 | Check out the flyer for details

For Questions Contact: Michelle Pearson, michelle.pearson@state.co.us


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