TLD 2012: Primary Passion
TPS Treasure Hunt
Longview School District - Washington

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march 2012

TLD 2012: Primary Passion

Teacher Librarian Day

TPS-Colorado regretfully had to cancel Teacher Librarian Day 2012 on February 3, but thanks to the flexibility of our presenters and loyalty from the educators of Colorado, TLD 2012 went off without a hitch on March 8 to a group of 115 enthusiastic participants.


We're still working to get the video from TLD 2012 edited and up on the web (video from all sessions will be available next month, so check the April newsletter). In the meantime, check out some great images from the day:



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TPS Treasure Hunt


Don't forget to bookmark the Treasure Hunt page and check back every Tuesday for the first three weeks of each month for a new clue. Submit your primary source guess to win a $15 iTunes card, a laminated primary source, and a chance to be the annual GRAND PRIZE WINNER of an Apple iPad2. Let's go hunting!

Great warm-up activity to use in the classroom with students TPS Tuesday Treasure Hunt
Improve your Library of Congress searching skills
Discover new resources every month & with every clue
Win great pizes & get featured on the wall of winners


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Longview School District (WA)

Longview Logo

In early March, TPS made our second trip to Washington; this time to Longview. Director Peggy O'Neill-Jones and TPS consultant Cindy Stout facilitated a two-day workshop focused on Native Americans & Lewis and Clark to 15 teachers, 2 elementary principals and 3 district administrators. Stay tuned next month for a more in-depth story about this workshop.

This is our second foray into the beautiful state of Washington. Check out our blog post from our initial visit to Vancouver and Educational Service District 112.



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