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Special Education

A licensure endorsement in Special Education Generalist will qualify you to teach and work in any Special Education setting Kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond. 

Special Education is unique at MSU Denver because it is the only undergraduate major offered in Teacher Education at MSU Denver.  As a Special Education major, you will choose a concentration in Early Childhood, Elementary, Linguistically Diverse, or Secondary Education.  Students who select the Secondary Concentration will also select a focus area in English, Math, Science or Social Studies. 


If you need help determining your catalog year, visit the Finding Your Catalog Year help page. 


Special Education can also be taken as a minor for those not interested in a licensure endorsement in Special Education who want some experience in Special Education.  If you are interested in this minor, you should meet with a Special Education advisor. 


Post-baccalaureate students can also complete a licensure program in Special Education.  As long as your bachelor’s degree is from an accredited college or university, we do not require your degree to be in a specific content area.  All of the skills you will need to be licensed in K-12 Special Education will be taught to you through the courses required in our program. 

Did you know? If you have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in Special Education, you can complete the necessary courses for teacher licensure AND earn a master's degree at MSU Denver. Visit our Master's in Teaching website for more information!


We also offer a state-approved added endorsement for Special Education for previously licensed Colorado teachers or for those who are currently earning their teacher licensure through one of our programs at MSU Denver.  The endorsement is limited to students who have earned or are earning their licensure endorsement in Elementary Education or one of the four content areas we offer in Secondary Education.  K-12 and Early Childhood teachers do not qualify for the Special Education endorsement through MSU Denver.  Visit the Added Endorsements section of our website with more information on the state-approved Special Education Added Endorsement.

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