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Scholarships and Awards

Colorado Press Association Scholarship 2014 Application. Students who meet all of the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • Will be a full-time junior or senior (minimum 12 credits/semester) at a four-year Colorado college or university in the fall of 2014
  • Have declared a major in journalism or a media related field (e.g. multimedia, technical journalism, documentary filmmaking, media studies, mass communications, etc.)
  • Are planning to begin a journalism or media career after graduation

The application can also be found on The Denver Foundation's website <> under the "Grants/Scholarships" section. The application is a fillable PDF and can be typed into, saved, revisited and edited, and then printed. All applications must be mailed to The Denver Foundation. Please see the application for further instructions and eligibility requirements.
Thank you for your assistance in spreading the word and encouraging qualified students to apply!

The department offers the following scholarships for Journalism students:

  • Greg Pearson Endowed Memorial Journalism Scholarship
  • Greg Lopez Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Christopher Lee Anderson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Gene Amole Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Larry Strutton Endowed Scholarship

The department offers the following scholarships for Technical Communication students:

  • Technical Communications and Media Production Scholarship
  • Search for additional scholarships at the Scholarship Center

The department offers the following award:

  • Outstanding Journalism and Technical Communication Student Award

NATPE Student Internship
NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) provides internships for the national conference in Miami.  The conference, which usually occurs in the middle of January, is the leading venue for content providers, program directors and experts in video technology and media convergence.  It attracts an international audience who have expertise in network TV, cable, internet, mobile and new media programs.  Students from colleges and universities throughout the U.S. apply for this internship.  If selected, the internship requires students to serve as hosts, provide information to attendees and assist the conference planners in other ways.  In return, students receive free admission to seminars and workshops.  NATPE also provides students with lodging and meals during their stay for the conference.  The only cost to students is transportation to and from Miami.  Students may apply for internships by contacting Prof. Amend