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MAT Student Candidates:

Anyone applying to the Master of Arts in Teaching must complete an initial advising session with the MAT Program Specialist or an advisor in MAT: Elementary Education or MAT: Special Education before gaining acceptance into the program. This initial advising session may also be completed within a Program Information Meeting.

Existing MAT Students:

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor at least once each semester. Students will be assigned a designated advisor at the time of acceptance into the MAT program. To schedule an advising appointment, please contact either Ellen Sunbury at 303-556-3691 or Leah Parker at 303-556-3725.

Prior to acceptance, students may contact:



Advising for Student Teaching:

Students are required to meet with their advisor during the Student Teaching application process. Advisors will review CAPP Reports and sign-off on student teaching applications and program plans.

Please refer to the Student Teaching Center link for additional information regarding the final semester of Student Teaching.