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SUR 1510 Surveying I (4 credits) (Lab required)

Prerequisite: College trigonometry or MTH 1400-Pre calculus with a grade of "C" or better, or permission of instructor

This is an introductory course in elementary surveying. Students acquire a knowledge of the theory of measurements, methods of collecting and recording data, reduction of observations of angles, directions, distances and differences in elevation; the computation and adjustment of traverses; the use of data collectors; construction stakeout employing coordinate geometry; and the methods of computing coordinate geometry and area. Field work includes use of transits, total stations, electronic distance meters, surveyors' tapes, differential levels and data collectors.


Tuition $804 + Fees, + Course Materials
Delivery Mode:
Lectures on DVD format
Four (4) examinations. All examinations must be proctored.
Laboratory Assignments:
Six (6) laboratory assignments. Laboratories must be proctored by a licensed surveyor or engineer and approved by the surveying department.
Time Limit :
Six (6) months to complete the course from the date of registration.
Writing Assignment:
One (1) writing assignment - publication review.
Required Materials:

Surveying: Theory and Practice, 7th edition.: James M. Anderson & Edward M. Mikhail

Surveying: 10th ed.: Francis H. Moffit & John D. Bossler

Elementary Surveying: Introduction to GGeomatics-with CD; 11th edition 06: Paul R. Wolf

Surveying I Course Lecture Notes

Surveying I 14-disc DVD set

All required course material is available through the Auraria Campus Bookstore at: