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Descriptions, Tuition, and Information


SUR 3220 Real Property Descriptions (2 credits)

Prerequisite: SUR 3540 w/a grade "C" or better, or permission of instructor

This course addresses writing real property legal descriptions for deeds, easements and rights-of-way. Emphasis is placed on the structure and order of the elements in the description and on avoiding the common mistakes of language, construction and terminology in order to avoid ambiguities in the intent of the instrument. A study of the interpretation of the rules to deal with conflicts and ambiguities in instruments is presented.


Tuition $402 + Fees + Course Materials
Delivery Mode:
Lectures on DVD format
Time Limit :
Six (6) months to complete the course from the date of registration.
One (1) final examination. All examinations must be proctored.
One (1) writing assignment - publication review.
Required Material:

Writing Legal Descriptions in Conjunction with Survey Boundary Control, 4th edition 79; by Gurdon H. Wattles

Coursepack - Lecture Notes

8-disc DVD set

All course material is ordered through the Auraria Campus Bookstore at: