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SUR 3300 Photogrammetry (3 credits)

Prerequisites: SUR 2530, SUR 2550 w/a grade "C" or better, or permission of instructor

This course introduces the science of photogrammetry. The geometry of the photographic camera, vertical photography, aerial mapping camera, flight planning, project planning, supporting field surveys and field classification and targeting are emphasized. Photogrammetric plotters and comparators are discussed. An introduction to digital image scanning and GPS synchronization are presented. The application of photogrammetry to engineering and surveying mapping programs are discussed.


Tuition $603 + Fees + Course Materials
Delivery Mode:
Lectures on DVD format
Time Limit :
Six (6) months to complete the course from the date of registration.
One (1) final examination. All examinations must be proctored.
One (1) writing assignment - publication review.
Required Material:

Elementsof Photogrammetry: With Air Photointerpretation and Remote Sensing, 3rd Edition: by: Paul R. Wolf

Coursepack - Lecture Notes

6-disc DVD set

All course material is ordered through the Auraria Campus Bookstore at: