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Descriptions, Tuition, and Information


SUR 3540 Boundary Law I (3 credits)

Prerequisite: SUR 2520 w/a grade "C" or better, or permission of instructor

This course introduces the concepts of boundary control and legal principles. Subjects addressed include proportionate measurement, rights in land, junior/senior title rights, retracement of original surveys, deed first/survey first, common and case law, ranking/prioritizing evidence, controlling monuments and corners, errors in legal descriptions and plats and case studies.


Tuition $603 + Fees + Course Materials
Delivery Mode:
Lectures on DVD format
Time Limit :
Six (6) months to complete the course from the date of registration.
One (1) mid-term examination and one (1) final examination. All examinations must be proctored.
Required Material:

Brown’s Boundary Control and Legal Principles, 5th Edition; Walter G. Robillard

Coursepack - Lecture Notes

1-disc DVD

All course material is ordered through the Auraria Campus Bookstore at: