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Professional Development Courses

Distance Delivery Professional Development Courses for Surveyors

  • Enrollment year round - suit your work schedule.
  • Complete a course within 6 months.
  • Stay close to home.
  • Communicate with instructor by email.
  • Proctor exams close to home or work.
  • Take courses on your own or set up a study group with co-workers.
  • Course materials can be sent directly to you or your workplace.
  • Open to in-state and out-of-state students. (The distance delivery tuition for the surveying courses is the same price for resident and non-resident students.)

List of Courses

Click on the course title for more information.

Dept. No./ Cr. Hrs.Course TitleDelivery ModeTuition
SUR 1510-4 Surveying I DVD $804
SUR 2520-4 Surveying II DVD $804
SUR 2550-3 Surveying Computations    DVD $603
SUR 3100-3 Survey Data Adjustment / Analysis I DVD $603
SUR 3150-2 Astronomy for Surveyors DVD $402
SUR 3220-2 Real Property Descriptions DVD $402
SUR 3300-3 Photogrammetry DVD $603
SUR 3540-3 Boundary Law I DVD $603
SUR 3700-3 Geodesy I DVD $603
SUR 3800-3 Public Land Survey System Online $603
SUR 4510-3 Map Projections/Coordinate Systems DVD $603
SUR 4540-3 Boundary Law II DVD $603

Note: In addition to course tuition, the following charges may apply: $25 Metro State application fee, $50 Matriculation fee (one-time fee), $2.00 Immunization fee, $19.80 Bond fee, and a mailing charge. Course textbooks, lecture notes, and materials are additional and are ordered separately.