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About Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services

Are you having a conflict with a classmate or faculty/staff member?  Are you struggling to get along with the other students working on your group project?  Is another student's behavior concerning or impacting your ability to learn?

Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services is here to help you navigate those types of issues.

The mission of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services (SCCRS) is to assist in maintaining the general welfare of the campus community. SCCRS supports MSU Denver's efforts to maintain a campus in which all members have the opportunity to do their best work and to participate fully in campus life.

Click the "Student Conduct Services" or "Student Conflict Resolution Services" buttons below to find out more information.

The goal of Student Conduct Services is to promote the safety, well-being, and access to educational opportunities for MSU Denver students, faculty, and staff. 

The Student Code of Conduct, which can be found in the MSU Denver Student Handbook or by visiting the Code of Conduct section of this site, clearly states the University's expectations for student behavior.  As a student, you are expected to become familiar with these standards to fully understand your responsibility as a University community member and to avoid jeopardizing your relationship with the University.  Student Conduct Services administers the Student Code of Conduct on behalf of the University.  Students are expected to participate in conduct proceedings if requested to do so by a University official.

To file a report about potential Student Code of Conduct violations, including academic integrity, sexual misconduct, drug/alcohol issues, violent behavior, or a student's welfare, click the "Report an Incident" button at the top of the page, follow the link in the column at the left, or click Report an Incident.

For more information on academic integrity, dishonesty, and associated resources, check out the Academic Integrity section of this site.

If you're looking for information on the University's process and procedures related to sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, domestic and dating violence) and Title IX, head to the Sexual Misconduct section of this site.

The Learning Center on our site includes a wealth of information for students, faculty, and staff.  There you'll find information and resources related to the Student Code of Conduct, FAQs on the conduct process, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, addressing disruptive behavior in the classroom, the CARE Team, and on- and off-campus resources for health, mental health, and safety issues. 

For more information, contact Laura Roth, Acting Associate Dean/Student Conduct Officer, Braelin Pantel, Acting Associate Vice President/Dean of Students, or Michael Maza, Title IX Investigator/Student Conduct Specialist.

Conflicts occur every day, especially on college campuses. While often uncomfortable, conflicts offer opportunities to grow and improve when dealt with in a proper manner. Student Conflict Resolution Services can help with that process.

MSU Denver and Student Conflict Resolution Services are committed to providing a safe and personal resource to help students peacefully work together to resolve college-related conflicts.

To gain a better understanding of what Student Conflict Resolution Services is and is not, visit the Services page on this site.

Student Conflict Resolution Services is also the place to go for information on the Student Complaint Policy.  Visit that page for information on the process a student should take when a complaint is related to MSU Denver faculty or staff.

The Resource page under Student Conflict Resolution Services contains information including articles and videos that may be helpful when working through a conflict.

For more information about Student Conflict Resolution Services, feel free to contact Lisa Nelson, Coordinator for Student Conflict Resolution Services, in the Office of Student Engagement and Wellness, or by calling the office at 303-556-3559.

Download our SCCRS 'What Should I Do If...' flyer (PDF 215 KB) for quick reference.