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Student Engagement and Wellness (SEW)

Student Fee Funded


Student Engagement and Wellness (SEW) exists to empower students to succeed though a transformative educational experience resulting in positive contributions to their communities.

Learning & Development Objectives
Learning and development objectives guide our work. As a result of participating in or utilizing the services/programs facilitated through Student Engagement & Wellness or Partner Departments, it is our intention that students will develop in the following areas:


Students engage in realistic self-appraisal of their personal attributes related to identity.  Students use this self-appraisal process to assist them in both refining their character and in developing meaningful relationships with others within and outside their social identity groups.  By virtue of thoughtful introspection, students are able to more effectively interact with a myriad of others.

Students develop the ability to use critical inquiry to accurately evaluate information from diverse perspectives. They formulate reasonable assessment of evidence and arrive at meaningful resolutions through a process of informed decision making. Students communicate in an effective and persuasive manner that allows for an exchange of ideas specific to appropriate audiences.

Health and wellness can be described as “the presence of conditions that enable individuals and communities to work, learn, participate as citizens, and have strong human relationships.” (Council for the Advancement of Standards, 7th Edition) Through supportive physical and social environments, students will express health-related skills such as, emotional well-being, autonomy, a sense of purpose and integrity of action.  Further health and wellness includes creating the connections between personal health and how the health of the individual is linked to healthy lifestyles within the campus and community environments. 

In exemplifying personal responsibility, students will seize opportunities to use knowledge, skill and education to identify personal values.  The Academic and Student Affairs staff will also educate students on the significance of upholding standards of academic performance, academic integrity and behavior that is in accordance with community standards as defined in the Student Code of Conduct.  Students will demonstrate behavior such as

  • Self advocacy
  • Realistic self appraisal
  • Ownership of decisions

Through meaningful interpersonal relationships, collaboration, and embracing diversity, students will engage within their campus and other communities and contribute to the cross cultural mission of the university.  In conveying global citizenship, students will exhibit inclusivity and respect for others and their ideas, as well as engage effectively in diverse initiatives.

Students demonstrate an ability to use campus resources (academic departments, support programs, institutional personnel, and enrichment activities) that are necessary to persist in personal and academic endeavors. Through the use of these resources, students will be able to take ownership of their goals, integrate interactions into successful behavioral outcomes, critique personal needs, and select appropriate resources that lead to successful progression through the collegiate experience.