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Upcoming Leadership Programs

Fall 2015 Leadership Events & Programs

Tuesday Talks about Leadership
3:30-4:30 pm
Twice a month, we host a small gathering at the Golda Meir House to discuss current events in leadership designed to promote dialogue, discussion, and exploration of the complex nature of leadership.  The program is videotaped with a small audienceMore information about this program available August 20th. 

CO-LEADS Student Summit
Friday, 10/2
From Tweets to the Streets: Intersections of Mass Media, Social Media and Social Justice
Our keynote and breakout sessions engage self-awareness, social systems, personal skills and collaborative action through this lens. Registration and additional information available online at

Will Allen (Author of The Good Food Revolution)
Wednesday, 11/4 Lecture
Despite financial challenges and daunting odds, Allen built the country's preeminent urban farm-a food and educational center that now produces enough produce and fish year-round to feed thousands. Employing young people from the neighboring housing project and community, Growing Power shows how local food systems can help troubled youths, dismantle racism, create jobs, bring urban and rural communities closer together, and improve public health. Today, Allen's organization helps develop community food systems across the country.

Student Activities will have a limited number of books available and an online book discussion around leadership begining September 1st.  Email Gretta Mincer ( for more information. 

Spring Semester
Women’s Leadership Conference

Thursday, 3/3
10:00 am-4:00 pm
Keynote by Alicia Garza, Co-creator of #BlackLivesMatter Movement
Alicia Garza, alongside Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, was inspired to create the Black Lives Matter slogan after going onto social media and responding to the Trayvon Martin murder trial. Alicia posted her sentiments on Facebook using her slogan Black Lives Matters, when community organizer Tometi placed a hashtag before the slogan, and #BlackLivesMatter was born.  All three founders were then members of Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity.

Latino Summit
Date TBA (around March 31st)
This annual event celebrates the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez. 

Student Involvement & Leadership Awards
Date TBA (April 2016)
This is a day we recognize individuals for their contributions in shaping and creating campus community through student organizations, student employment, intercollegiate athletics, and overall leadership.  Nomination materials available February 15, 2016. 

Our programs are open to anyone, but often require a sign-up or RSVP to participate. Please email Grettta Mincer, Associate Director Office of Student Activities at or 303.556.4087