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The Metropolitan State College of Denver

 Faculty Senate

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

3:20pm – 4:50pm

Tivoli 320 A, B & C




Attendees: Akrabova, Aubrey, Bahl, Baldwin, Balogh, Brodersen, Butler, Capps, Collette, Cook, Curran, Davinroy, Davis, Delaney, DelCastillo, DeMuro, Doe, Drake, Dyhr, Elkins, Ethier, Evans, Flemon, Forgash, Fustos, Gibson, Giordano, Glatz, Graves, Grevstad, Gurka, Hagen, Hasley, Hathorn, Hernandez-Julian, Holloway, Hutto, Izurieta, Jackson, Jacobs, Karris, Kent, King, Kitzman, Kleinfeld, Klimek, Kottenstette, Kuhlmann, Lamb, Liu, London, Louden, Lubinski, MacDonald, Malpass, Matthews, McKenzie, McVicker, Meloche, Mollenhauer, Murphy, Odell, Ortiz, Padilla, Posey, Pozzi, Preuhs, Pytlinski, Quinn, Reimer, Rengers, Reyes, Rissman, Rogers, Ropp, Rucki, Sahami, Saxe, Shopp, Sidelko, Snozek, Sundeen, Svonkin, Szypulski, Vowles, Weber, Worster, Yeh, Zajdowicz Guests:  Nowkhandan, Rossmiller, Golich


I.                     Call to Order


II.                  Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes (at Senate Website), VOTE.


              Vote called.   Minutes approved.


III.              Announcements/Updates

-          Jay Louden was elected as FACT Senator last week.

-          Intellectual Property Taskforce has sent out a short survey to all faculty. Please let department faculty know so that they can participate.

-          The Category II faculty survey results are in and the Senate Welfare Committee and Provost Golich will be presenting the outcome later in the meeting. A request was sent to the director of HR for salary data for Category II faculty.

-          Minimum grade requirements are due to Academic Affairs from each department for implementation of Plus/Minus grading.

-          The Center for Urban Education is issuing a call for presentations for their national summit that occurs on April 11th -13th. See www.metrostatecue.org.

-          Open sessions for finalists for the VP of Advancement and External Relations search are beginning on Dec 8th.


IV.                Committee Reports: 

   FS Curriculum Committee – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian (Document Attached as: FSCCReportDecember72011.pdf)


Report to Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

December 7, 2011


Unless otherwise noted, packets are approved unanimously.


Packets Approved:

LAS 1112-4: ENG 3150

This packet proposes modifications for a Variable Topics course on Literary Periods.

LAS 1112-5: Speech Courses for General Studies

This packet proposes modifications to SPE 1010 (Public Speaking) and SPE 1710 (Interpersional Communications) in order to gain General Studies designation.

LAS 1112-38: MTR 1400

This packet proposes course modifications to MTR 1400: Weather and Climate in order to gain

General Studies designation.

LAS 1112-43: MTH 1110

This packet proposes course modifications to MTH 1110: College Algebra in order to gain

General Studies designation.

SPS 1112-4: NUT 2040

This packet proposes course modifications to NUT 2040: Introduction to Nutrition in order to

gain General Studies Designation.

LAS 1112-12: WMS 1001, 2100, 2400

This packet proposes changes to two Women’s Studies courses and creates a new Women’s

Studies course, all three of which seek General Studies Designation.WMS 1001: Introduction to Women’s Studies and WMS 2100: Women of Color are existing courses. WMS 2400: Women’s Folklore is a new course that has been offered previously as an omnibus. In addition, WMS 2100 seeks to renew its Multicultural Designation.


General Studies Designations Approved:

SPE 1010: Public Speaking (OC)

SPE 1710: Interpersonal Communications (OC)

MTR 1400: Weather and Climate (NPS)

MTH 1110: College Algebra (QL)

NUT 2040: Introduction to Nutrition (NPS)

WMS 1001: Introduction to Women’s Studies (SBS 1)

WMS 2100: Women of Color (SBS 2)

WMS 2400: Women’s Folklore (AH)


Multicultural Designations Approved:

WMS 2100: Women of Color


 Discussion called. No discussion.


Curriculum approved unanimously by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee is automatically approved by the Senate unless there is a question posed by a Senator on the Senate floor.


 President Sahami accepted the report on behalf of the Senate. 


 FS Instructional Resources Committee – Sec L. Ortiz


The Committee:


-         Met every other week and is doing their due diligence. They worked to build a constructive relationship with Dr. Lyall, IT CIO, who attended every other meeting. The committee will be working with him on the Teaching and Learning with Technology Day.

-         Had a consistent presence on other technology related committees on campus: IT4, the Technology Accessibility Initiative (ADA committee), and the Intellectual Property Rights Taskforce.

-         Discussed topics such as: increasing laptop carts; the interest level in a loaded technology rental program and the IR committee’s involvement in piloting these programs through the First Year Success Program; implementing a virtual meeting option; and updating the Faculty Senate web page.


 Discussion called.


 Senator Kent, Anthropology, applauded work of the committee and he also suggested that there were some serious infrastructural needs that need to be addressed on campus.



 President Sahami gave an overview of the Senate’s committee reporting policy.


V.                 PRESENTATION and DISCUSSION of MOTIONS  Category II Faculty Issues – Sen. B. Mathews with Comments by Provost V. Golich (Document Attached as: CategoryIIsurveyresults.pptx)


 Senator Matthews gave an overview of Category II Faculty issues and the Welfare Committee’s charge.


 Survey Results:

¡  70 of 86 C2 faculty responded to the survey (81.4%).

¡  37 respondents feel the changes affected their morale negatively (52.8%).

¡  Communication from department chairs about the changes tended to be late:

ú  59 respondents were told in July or later, or not at all (84%).

ú  16 were informed in August (23.3%).

ú  13 were apparently unaware of the changes at all when they participated in the survey (18.8%).


 Survey Results: Workload

¡  34 respondents reported that they now carry a 5/5 teaching load (48.6%).

¡  13 of those faculty (nearly 20%) report that their department requires them to participate in service or scholarly activity in addition to carrying a 5/5 load, contrary to the Handbook policy.

¡  7 C2 faculty (10%) report teaching a 5/5 load with 4 or more preps, also contrary to the Handbook.

¡  48 respondents felt that their workload is heavier this year compared to last (68.6%).


 Survey Results: Title

¡  48 respondents reported that they received the title “Lecturer” (68.6%).

¡  8 C2 faculty reported that they received the title “Senior Lecturer”(11.4%).

¡  47 respondents are unsure how to obtain promotion to Senior Lecturer (68.1%).

¡  10 C2 faculty felt they should have received the title of “Senior Lecturer” this year (14.5%).

¡  14 C2 faculty reported that they had another title:

¡  Instructor

¡  Musician in Residence

¡  Visiting Assistant Professor (at least 7)

¡  Assistant Professor


 Remaining Questions:

¡  Did the changes make C2 faculty positions more stable?

¡  Did C2 faculty salaries rise as was hinted when the changes were proposed?

ú  46 respondents reported their salary decreased or stayed the same (66.7%).

ú  A request has been registered with HR for C2 faculty salary data.

¡  Comments indicated several C2 faculty members feel isolated and minimized in their departments. How can this be addressed?


  Suggested Actions and Issues to be Determined:  

(1)  The ineffective communication of the changes to C2 faculty workload and title needs to be rectified immediately.

We propose that the Provost and Office of Academic Affairs create a memo for all deans, chairs, and all full-time faculty in general that clearly and succinctly explains the changes.


¡  What are the requisite qualifications for promotion to Senior Lecturer?

¡  What is the formula that determines whether one’s service or scholarly activity is sufficient to merit reducing the teaching load from 5/5 to 4/4?

¡  If a C2 faculty member must teach more than 3 preps each semester, do they automatically teach a 4/4?

¡  Can these policies differ at the school level or department level, or do they need to be consistent College-wide?

¡  How does advising, a vital activity for many C2 faculty in certain departments, function within the C2 faculty member’s workload?

¡  For T/TT faculty, advising is considered part of the teaching load.

¡  The Welfare Committee proposes that advising is too much to ask of faculty teaching a 5/5 load. Advising should be considered a service activity for C2 faculty.


 Provost Golich addressed the committees concerns.


 Discussion called.


 Senator Rossmiller, Affiliate Faculty and a member of the MAFA, Philosophy, asked if there were any considerations for affiliate faculty to be considered for the Lecturer Category II faculty position.  Provost Golich responded.

 Senator Svonkin, English, estimated how much Metro is saving by having Cat II faculty teach two additional courses a year and he does not believe it is worth it.


 Senator Svonkin made a motion that Metro cap the number of courses at a 4/4 load; seconded by Senator Flemon.


 President Sahami asked the Senate if there was any further discussion before discussion of the standing motion begins.


 Senator Hernandez, Economics, wondered how common it is for a department having a recently hired Cat II faculty at 90% of current CUPA making more than a 3rd, 4th, or 5th year tenure track professor in the same department.  President Sahami responded that was the motivation behind the request for data from HR.


 Senator Shopp, Finance, asked what other schools are using this 5/5 model and elaborate on the process for applying for 4/4.  Provost Golich responded.


 Senator Meloche, Biology, was curious about how the application for the 4/4 load works as a process and how it seems as if it is less of a policy and more individual decision making. He is concerned and would rather have it more thoroughly written out in policy. He asked what is happening to the profile of Cat II faculty. He suggested to the Welfare Committee that gathering data be added to the agenda of things to talk about.  Senator Matthews responded.


 President Sahami discussed the process and how the Senate can move forward on the questions being discussed.


 Provost Golich stated that there is a formula for to qualify for reassign time.  


 Senator Gibson, Music, commented about the reassign time option and that she did not see a base salary change in her pay.


 Vice-President Worster, Music, thanked the Welfare Committee participants and Provost Golich and believes that things have been improved.


 Senator MacDonald, FACT Rep and Modern Languages, urged the Senate to resist codifying or limiting the number of classes per semester that can be taught.


 A special thank you was given to the Welfare Committee.


 Discussion was called on the motion.


 Senator Svonkin, English, feels that this is an ethical, moral standard and a stand needs to be taken. He thinks a mistake was made and there is no shame in asking for a cap.


 Senator Fustos, Computer Info Systems, asked for clarification of the word “courses” and was it the same as “preps”. From a discussion, President Sahami answered that it is the standard 4/4 that is equivalent to 12 units.


 Senator Kent, Anthropology, thought of a circumstance where there is a vacancy in a department and another faculty is asked to take over the courses. He believes that the chair should not be handicapped from making that determination and if faculty wants to teach an overload they should be allowed to do so.


 Senator Hernandez, Economics, would not want to support without further deliberation. He gave several different scenarios to consider.


 Senator Hagen, History, asked how would off-campus teaching factor into this. There are more complex issues involved. 


 Senator Kitzman, Psychology, asked if there was an increase in the pay to teach a 5/5 and if there was going to a 4/4, it may lower pay.


 Vice President Worster, Music, reminded the Senate have not asked CAT II faculty what they prefer. He would vote “No” on the motion but he would not move to “table” the motion.


 Senator Malpass, HPS, cautioned the Senate to think about the motion. A Metro student who has a CAT II instructor does not know the difference between faculty statuses and if they want advising from their instructor they should have that right. She encouraged thinking about the student perspectives.


 David Hill, Anthropology, Affiliate, will still be doing professional activities there needs to be space and time for people in CAT II to participate in training.


 Vice-President Worster asked for a point of clarification and requested that the motion and 2nd can be withdrawn until future date.


 There was a discussion and Senator Svonkin withdrew his motion and Senator Flemon withdrew the 2nd .

                          The motion was withdrawn pending further information.,


VI.              SECOND READING of MOTION , DISCUSSION and VOTE: Bylaws Change for the Multicultural Curriculum Review Committee – VP L. Worster (Document Attached as: MCRCMotion.pdf)


 Vice President Worster requested that the two sections be considered separately. Senator Hernandez seconded the motion.


 Motion to modify ARTICLE V, Section 21 titled Multicultural Curriculum Review Committee of the By-laws of the Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate in the following manner:


Delete SECTION 21.1.3:

21.1.3 Evaluate existing multicultural courses every five years to determine if

the course content is consistent with the requirements for Multicultural

designation as described in the College’s Curriculum Guidelines, Policies,

and Procedures. The MCRC recommends approval or disapproval of

continuing the existing Multicultural designation to the Faculty Senate

Curriculum Committee.


 Discussion called.


 Senator Pytlinski, Art, reported that this motion has been discussed in the Art Department. She asked for clarification of the intention of the motion is to review multicultural courses if they are only being revised and not every five years. She confirmed the intent and reported that the Art Department does not agree with the motion. The state of scholarship in multicultural studies is very dynamic and courses developed years ago that has not been changed should be reviewed to make sure it is current.  Vice-President Worster responded.


 Senator Hagen, History, commented that Multicultural committee members may not be able to judge the state of the multicultural scholarship of a course.


 Discussion was closed and vote called for a bylaws change that requires 2/3rds majority of those voting.


A = approve motion to remove the five year review;

B = opposes motion and maintain five year review; and

E = abstain


 Motion passed with a vote of 50:14 with 8 abstentions


 Vice-President Worster read second section into the record:


Current Section

21.1.4 Share expertise, consult, work with the Directors of Transfer Services

as to whether transferred courses not approved by a department meet the

required content for multicultural education as described in the College’s

Curriculum Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures.

21.1.5 Share expertise, consult, work with the assessment process of the

multicultural requirement in conjunction with the Director for Student Learning


21.1.6 Share expertise, consult, work with the Center for Faculty

Development to support faculty teaching and the learning process of

multicultural education.

21.1.7 Share expertise, consult, work with the Associate to the President for



MODIFY Section 21.1.3 to read:

21.1.3 Share expertise and consult when requested by department chairs, the

Office of Transfer Services, or other appropriate offices or committees on

issues pertaining to the multicultural designated curriculum at Metro State.


 Discussion called.  Vote called.  Motion passed.


VII.           -WITHDRAWN-  PRESENTATION, DISCUSSION of MOTION:  Clarification on Grading Policy – Sen. G. Denn


VIII.        Adjournment

 Senate adjourned.




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