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The Metropolitan State College of Denver

 Faculty Senate

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3:20pm – 4:50pm

Tivoli 320 A, B & C



Attendees: Ahsan, Aubrey, Balogh, Bisio, Brodersen, Butler, Collette, Cook, Curran, Davis, DelCastillo, DeMuro, Doe, Drake, Duburguet, Dyhr, Elkins, Ethier, Evans, Flemon, Forgash, Fustos, Ghosh,  Gibson, Glatz, Grevstad, Hallam, Hancock, Hasley, Hathorn, Hernandez-Julian, Holloway, Hutto, Izurieta, Jacobs, Karris, Kent, King, Kitzman, Kleinfeld, Klimek, Komodore, Kuhlmann, Lamb, London, Lubinski, MacDonald, Malpass, McKenzie, Meloche, Mollenhauer, Murphy, Ortiz, Padilla, Pleis, Posey, Pozzi, Preuhs, Pytlinski, Quinn, Reimer, Rissman, Ropp, Rucki, Sahami, Saxe, Shopp, Sidelko, Snozek, Sundeen, Svonkin, Szypulski, Vowles, Wanberg, Weber, Worster, Zajdowicz Guests:  Nowkhandan


I.                    Call to order 

II.                 Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes (at Senate Website), VOTE.


 Vote called.   Minutes Approved.

III.              Announcements/Updates


-           The Elections Committee will hold election for vacant FACT seat beginning today. There were four nominees.


-            The Senate Rules Committee was charged with formalizing the process of faculty/ administration communications. They will be looking at formalizing how issues come to the Senate and get charged to the Senate. President Sahami will be meeting with Rules on Friday, Nov 18 to discuss the details of the charge.


-           Minimum Grade Requirements Due - Faculty may have seen something sent by Provost last week regarding minimum grade requirements for academic departments. These are due to Academic Affairs for the implementation of Plus/Minus grading next fall. Each department will set their own standards for the minimum grade to count in the major.


-           Teaching with Technology Day - Fall 2012 (Suggestions to CIO J. Lyall jlyall1@mscd.edu ) 


CIO James Lyall visited the Executive Committee to discuss next Fall’s “Teaching with Technology Day”.  The date has not been finalized yet. Please contact James Lyall with any suggestions or pass them on to the Faculty Senate Instructional Resources Committee, Lisa Ortiz, Chair.


-           There will be an Open Faculty Senate Curriculum Meeting on Nov 28 at 3:30p in CN 301 to discuss the Honors Program. Those departments interested or who have a curriculum chair or an Honors advisor/designee would find the meeting useful to attend. Ben Moritz visited Executive Committee last week and introduced topics on the new Honors Program.

IV.              Committee Reports: 


-   FS Curriculum Committee – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian (http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/assets/pdf/FSCC/FSCC-nov162011.pdf)

Report to Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

November 16, 2011


Unless otherwise noted, packets are approved unanimously.


Packets Approved:


LAS 1011-25: Changes to Art courses and program

This packet proposes several changes to the offerings of the Art Department:

-a new BA in Art, which is a liberal arts degree that requires a minor (unlike the BFA)

-a portfolio review process for entrance into the BFA degree

-a new BFA in Communication Design (previously a concentration under the BFA in


-a BA in Art History, Theory, and Criticism (previously a concentration under the BFA

in Art)

-changes to the Art Foundation courses

-creation of Integrated Media courses

-updates courses in the Art Department


LAS 1011-26: WMS

This packet proposes several courses for the Career and Personal Development program in

Women’s Studies. It includes courses in Money Issues, Self Defense, and Women’s Leadership.

In addition, it proposes a course in Queer Sexualities.


LAS 1112-10: AAS 1010

This packet contains course modifications to Introduction to African American Studies in order to

meet the requirements of a GS designation.


LAS 1112-15 MTH 3100 & CS 3810

The Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences proposed a new course, Principles of

Database Systems, and made revisions to Introduction to Mathematical Proofs.


LAS 1112-16 Archiving of CS course

The Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences proposed archiving a concentration in

Computer Sciences under the Math major due to lack of student interest.

General Studies Designations Approved:


LAS 1112-10: AAS 1010 (SBS 1)


LAS 1112-20: MTH 1310 (QL)


 Discussion called. There was none.

Curriculum approved unanimously by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee is automatically approved by the Senate unless there is a question posed by a Senator on the Senate floor.

 President Sahami accepted the report on behalf of the Senate.

V.                 PRESENTATION, DISCUSSION of MOTION and VOTE:  Language in catalog pertaining to General Studies pre-requisites – Curriculum and General Studies Committees – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian (http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/motions/2011/GSPrereq-Motion-111611.pdf)


 Rey Hernandez incorporated suggestions from the floor of the Senate as well as a bulk of suggestions from chairs of school curriculum committees to update this motion.


Changes to the motion included adding three more bullets points:


-Level I GS Math

-Level I GS Communications

-Level I GS General Studies Composition


To remedy, for example, language in course pre-requisites that read “Level I GS Math” and would have necessitated a non-substantive process to be updated.


And, in addition there was a grammatical change of “replaced by” to “replaced with”.

 Discussion was called by President Sahami and whether the motion was ready to go to vote.

 Senator Kent, Anthropology, asked about an item “completion of Level I/II” replaced by “completion of GS requirements”. He asked what the implications would be for transfer students who want to take upper division courses that used to be a part of General Studies and no longer will be.

  Senator Hernandez pointed out that the terms are equivalent, two ways of saying the same thing, but Level I/II language is no longer meaningful.

  Vote called – A-Yes, B-No, E-Abstain 

  Motion passed with 96% approval.

VI.              PRESENTATION, DISCUSSION and FIRST READING of MOTION: Bylaws Change for the Multicultural Curriculum Review Committee – Sen. J. Lamb



 Secretary Ortiz read original language (21.1.3) into the record:

21.1.3  Evaluate existing multicultural courses every five years to determine if

the course content is consistent with the requirements for Multicultural

designation as described in the College’s Curriculum Guidelines, Policies,

and Procedures. The MCRC recommends approval or disapproval of

continuing the existing Multicultural designation to the Faculty Senate

Curriculum Committee.

  Secretary Ortiz read the proposed language (21.1.3) into the record:

21.1.3 Share expertise and consult when requested by department chairs, the

Office of Transfer Services, or other appropriate offices or committees on

issues pertaining to the multicultural designated curriculum at Metro State.

 President Sahami clarified that the MultiCultural Committee’s original charge was to review courses every five years regardless of substantive changes or submission to see if course changes still met original criteria. The committee is proposing to update their charge to consult on a need-basis for changes to course content or new courses.

  Senator Lamb pointed out the need to clean up some redundancy in the book under sections 21.1.4-7.

 A call was made for discussion or questions. There were none.

 President Sahami reminded the Senate that Bylaws changes require a 2/3rds vote.

VII.           Adjournment

The Senate was adjourned. 




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