Draft to be approved 8/22/12

The Metropolitan State College of Denver

 Faculty Senate

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

3:20pm – 4:50pm

Tivoli 320 A, B & C





Attendees: Akachem, Akrabova, Bahl, Bagwell, Balogh, Bisio, Bonham, Butler, Capps, Carnes, Cook, Chapman Vigil, Corash, Davinroy, Davis, Delaney, DelCastillo, Denn, Doe, Drake, Duburguet, Dyhr, Elkins, Ethier, Evans, Flemon, Forgash, Fustos, Ghosh, Gibson, Giordano, Glatz, Grady-Willis, Grevstad, Gurka, Hagen, Hallam, Hasley, Hernandez-Julian, Hill, Hoffman, Holloway, Hutto, Izurieta, Jacobs, Jiang, Johnson, Karris, Kent, King, Kleinfeld, Klimek, Komodore, Kottenstette, Krugman, Kuhlmann, Lamb, London, Louden, Lubinski, MacDonald, Malpass, Matthews, McNeeley-Cobham, McVicker, Meloche, Murphy, Odell, Ortiz, Pleis, Posey, Preuhs, Pytlinski, Quinn, Reid, Reimer, Rengers, Reyes, Rissman, Rogers, Ropp, Rother, Rucki, Sahami, Saxe, Schatz, Sidelko, Simpson, Snozek, Stephens, Svonkin, Tollefson, Vowles, Wagner, Wanberg, Weber, Worster, Yeh, Zajdowicz, Zhu   Guests:  Diaz Bonacquisti, Golich, Hultgren, Paul


I.                    Call to Order


II.                 Approval of 4/18 Meeting’s Minutes (at Senate Website), VOTE.



  Vote called.

  Minutes were approved.  


III.              Announcements/Updates

 - The 50th Anniversary Committee is looking for a historian/archivist to review paper materials at Metro State. If interested, please contact the Senate President or Dr. Luis Torres.

 - Annual reports from Senate Committees are due by May 15th

 - Elections Update:

 Congratulations to the new Faculty Trustee, Dr. David Sullivan, Philosophy.

 There is an upcoming faculty vote on the constitutional changes to change the membership of the Senate to allow three affiliate faculty members and one Category II faculty member as representatives on the Senate. Please look for an email from the Senate Elections Committee.


 Senator Davinroy, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Chair, Senate Teaching Excellence Award Committee, announced and congratulated the Senate’s 2012 Teaching Excellence awardees:


Jesse Ruderman, English, Affiliate Faculty

Annie Butler, Tenure Track

Rebecca Ferrell, Biology, Tenured


IV.              Committee Reports: 

  -FS Curriculum Committee – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian



Report to Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

May 2, 2012


Unless otherwise noted, packets are approved unanimously.

-LAS 1112-82b: Chicano Studies

Revisions to program language approved with minor modifications.

-LAS 1112-124: Physics

Revisions to minor approved.

-SPS 1112-26 and SPS 1112-27: Teacher Education

Modifications for General Studies approved.


 A discussion was called.


 Curriculum approved unanimously by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee is automatically approved by the Senate unless there is a question posed by a Senator on the Senate floor. President Sahami called for discussion and there was none.


President Sahami accepted the report on behalf of the Senate.


  President Sahami thanked the Senate’s Curriculum and Multicultural Committees and the General Studies Committee for the unparalleled work they did this year.



 -FS Retention Promotion and Tenure Committee –Sen. M. Holloway, Management, Chair, Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee reported on that the number of dossiers the committee reviewed:


22 Third Year applicants for retention

47 Fourth Year applicants for retention

38 Tenure/Early Tenure candidates

And 13 Promotion to Full Professor


Total = 120 = 22% of all tenure-track faculty were evaluated by the committee.


Digital Measures impacted the amount of work that was done and the committee made a listing of things to be ironed out and discussed with the Provost and new rubrics had to be developed for each of the major areas. The most troublesome area was Scholastic Activities (Professional Development). Digital Measures was a help in that it allowed committee members to review dossiers at their own individual pace.


 President Sahami pointed out that this was the largest RTP processing year and thanked the committee for their hard work.



 -FS Professional Leave Committee – Sen. G. Saxe, English, Chair, Professional Leave Committee, introduced the other members of his committee as: Kelly Elkins-Chemistry, Jim Aubrey-English, Jeno Balogh-Civil Engr Tech, Adrian Shopp-Finance, and Leticia Pleis- Accounting. There were 14 sabbatical applicants: 11 were from LAS, 2 were from ScoB, and 1 from SPS.


All 14 applications were recommended by the Senate Professional Leave Committee to the Provost and VP of Academic Affairs’ Office and the VPAA recommended 11 of the 14 to the President’s Office and those 11 were sent to the Board of the Trustees for final approval. Nine awards to LAS faculty were announced, one award to ScoB, and one award to SPS. This represents an investment by the college of $158,709 to replace faculty going on leave with affiliate faculty and an additional $28,835 for supplies and travel. The total expenditures for these sabbatical leaves will not exceed $187,544.


Awarded were:


Dr. Mohammed Akacem, Economics

Dr. Brooke Evans, Mathematical and Computer Sciences

Dr. Rebecca Farrell, Biology

Dr. Tamara Goldstein, Music

Dr. Marilyn Hetzel, Theatre

Dr. Jon Kent, Sociology and Anthropology

Dr. James Loats, Mathematical and Computer Sciences

Dr. Patricia Richard, History

Dr. Cheryl Sanders, Psychology

Dr. Jennifer Weddig, Health Professions

Dr. Ann Williams, Modern Languages



 Senator Holloway thanked the members of the RTP Committee: Dorothy Snozek, Monys Hagen, Kevin Kuhlman, Jon Kent, Janos Fustos, and Jim Aubry. He asked them to stand and be recognized.


V.                 MOTION, DISCUSSION and VOTE: Revision to certificate language in Purple Book – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/attachm/041812/Substan-CurriculumChgForm.pdf


 Senator Hernandez reported that he had not received any comments or questions via email regarding this issue.


 A discussion was called.


 The motion was read into the record:

To modify the certificate language as proposed in this document and to align the language in the rest of the Purple Book to be consistent with this document. The document referred to is the certificate language the Senate received.


 Vote was called.

 The Motion passed with a vote of 73:6.  


VI.               MOTION, DISCUSSION and VOTE: New Substantive Curriculum Change Form – FSCC, Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian



 Senator Hernandez received several thoughts and ideas on how to improve this form and he has added those ideas to the list that will be reviewed in a year.


 A discussion was called.

 Senator Pytlinski, Art, mentioned that her department faculty were curious about logistics of this document and asked if the document would be live and who is ultimately responsible for making these changes? Or was it a paper document that is typed out, propose, print out, and given back to make changes?


 Senator Hernandez announced that the Curriculum Committee would accept both forms next year.


 The Motion was read into the record:

To adopt the proposed substantive curriculum change form and to align the language in the Purple Book to consistent with this new form.


             Vote was called.

 The motion passed with a vote of 80:2.


VII.           MOTION, DISCUSSION and VOTE: Declaration of Major Policy – APC, Sen. G. Denn http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/attachm/041812/Declar-of-MajorProp.pdf


 Senator Denn received some very last minute feedback regarding the policy that pointed out that Item #2 of the motion was a procedure and made a:


 Friendly Amendment to strike #2 from the motion before voting.


 A discussion was called.  


 Murphy read the motion into the record:


The Academic Policy Committee recommends that the policy with respect to degree seeking students declaring a major be implemented as follows:


1) Students must declare a major before completion of 45 credit hours.

2) Students who transfer in more than 45 credit hours must declare a major before registering for a second semester.


             A vote was called.

 The motion passed with a vote of 74:8.


VIII.         MOTION, DISCUSSION and VOTE: Last Day of Attendance Policy – Sen. G. Denn http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/attachm/041812/LDofA.pdf


 Senator Denn announced that for clarification purposes, Judi Diaz Bonacquisti, Associate VP of Enrollment Services, was invited and questions could be directed to her as well.


 The motion was read into the record by Senator Gibson:

The Academic Policy Committee recommends that the policy with respect to the recording of the Last Date of Attendance (LDA) be implemented as follows:


1) Faculty who report a “U,” “UE,” or “F” grade to a student for any reason will report the student’s LDA when entering grades online.

2) For reporting purposes, the last date of active participation in the class will be considered the LDA, which must be one of the following:


a. Physically attending or participating in class (such as a class activity)

b. Submitting an academic assignment

c. Taking a quiz or exam, interactive tutorial, or computer-based instruction

d. Attending a school-assigned study group

e. Participating in online discussions about academic matters and/or initiating contact with faculty to ask questions about subject matter


Active participation does not include:

f. Logging into an online course without active participation

g. Academic counseling


3) If a student never attended class, the date of the first day of class will be reported as the LDA.


 Discussion was called.

 Senator Kent, Anthropology, commented that several department faculty had raised an issue if a last student assignment was turned in 55% of the way into the semester but the student made the claim that they were in class up to the date of the final and the instructor missed taking attendance would the faculty member be in legal jeopardy.

 Judi Diaz Bonacquisti, Associate VP of Enrollment Services, commented that she appreciated faculty consideration during this complete change from how the system has worked in the past.

 Senator Ortiz asked if the faculty or the student picked what item on the list would serve as the marker for the last date attended.

 Senator Hernandez asked if the same option must be used across all students in one course or if a different option can be selected for different students and if instructors must use the same option across all courses.


 Vote was called.

 The motion passed with a vote of 75:5.


 Senator Denn publically thanked APC for working so hard.


 Senator Kottenstette, Communication Arts &Sciences, asked the record to reflect the thanks of the Senate for Robyn Sherwood.


 President Sahami acknowledged faculty that were not returning to the Senate next year and thanked them for their service.


IX.              President Sahami thanked the Senate for all their hard work for the year and Called for Adjournment.

 Vote was called.

 The 2011-12 Senate was adjourned.


Interim Session for Elections : Chaired by Sen. A. Ropp


I.         Call to Order 2012-13 Senate Elections by Senator Ropp.

 Senator Ropp explained that elections would be with iClickers and slightly different and results would not be shown. Elections would be run on a separate computer that was not connected to a projector. Elections would announce the winner.


 A practice question was posted on the screen and senators could answer and test their iClickers.


II.        Senate Elections began for the Executive positions for Senate. Instructions were reviewed.


 First election was for President. A call was made for any nominations from the floor. There were none.


 Kamran Sahami spoke about his re-election platform and asked the Senate for their vote.


 Larry Worster spoke on his election platform and asked the Senate for their vote.


 Senator Ropp pointed out that voting will be certified by two members of the Elections Committee, herself and Alexis Karris as well as Emilia Paul as an outside observer.


 Vote was called for :30.

 Kamran Sahami received a majority of the votes.


  The next election was for Vice-President. A call was made for any nominations from the floor. There were none.


 Lisa Ortiz spoke on her election platform and asked the Senate for their vote.


 Leticia Pleis felt it was in the best interest of our Executive Committee to have a full slate and withdrew her name from the election.


 Lisa Ortiz was elected by acclimation.


 The next election was for Secretary. A call was made for any nominations from the floor. There were none.


 Lexi Hutto seconded Leticia Pleis’ statement and removed her name from the election and thanked the Elections Commitee for their work for today and all year.

 Shiela Rucki gifted the Senate with three minutes. She made no statement.


 Shiela Rucki was elected by acclimation.      


 At Large Elections for Five Seats:


 Academic Policies: There was one nomination and a call was made for nominations from the floor.

                        Grant Denn was At Large for Academic Policies by acclimation.


 Budget: There were two nominations and a call was made for additional nominations from the floor.


 Robert Preuhs spoke about his interest in the Budget Committee position and asked the Senate for their vote.


 Runing Zhang was not present. Zsuzsa Balogh spoke on his behalf asked the Senate for their vote.


 Vote was called for :30.    

 Robert Preuhs was At Large for Budget.


             Instructional Resources: There were two nominations and a call was made for additional nominations from the floor. There were none.


 Susie Cook spoke about her interest in Instructional Resources and asked the Senate for their vote.


 Carol Krugman spoke about her interest in Instructional Resources and asked the Senate for their vote.


 Vote was called for :30.

  Susie Cook was At Large for Instructional Resources.


  Multicultural Review: There were two nominations and a call was made for additional nominations from the floor. There were none.


 Annie Butler spoke about her interest in Multicultural Review and asked the Senate for their vote.

 Larry Worster spoke about his interest in Instructional Resources and asked the Senate for their vote.


 Vote was called for :30.

 Larry Worster was At Large for Multicultural Review.


 Student Affairs: There was one nomination and a call was made for nominations from the floor. There were none.


 Kathy Malpass was At Large for Student Affairs by acclimation.


 III.       President Sahami thanked the Elections Committee for their work and the Senate for giving him the opportunity to serve for another year.


  President Sahami will send out an email to Charge the person on each committee whose name appears first alphabetically to elect their committee chairs.


 IV.     Motion for Adjournment

 President Sahami asked for a show of hands.

 Interim Senate was Adjourned.





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