Draft to be approved 4/18/12

The Metropolitan State College of Denver

 Faculty Senate

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

3:20pm – 4:50pm

Tivoli 320 A, B & C





Attendees: Akrabova, Aubrey, Balogh, Bisio, Capps, Church, Davinroy, Davis, Delaney, DelCastillo, DeMuro, Denn,  Drake, Duburguet, Elkins, Ethier, Evans, Flemon, Forgash, Fustos, Gibson, Giordano, Glatz, Grevstad, Gurka, Hallam, Hancock, Hasley, Hathorn, Hernandez-Julian, Hill, Holloway, Hutto, Izurieta, Jackson, Jacobs, Johnson, Karris, Kent, King, Kleinfeld, Klimek, Komodore, Kottenstette, Kuhlmann, Lamb, London, Louden, Lubinski, MacDonald, Malpass, Matthews, McKenzie, Meloche, Odell, Ortiz, Preuhs, Pytlinski, Reimer, Rengers, Reyes,  Ropp, Rother, Rucki, Sahami, Saxe, Schatz, Sidelko, Snozek, Sundeen, Weber, Worster, Yeh, Zhang Guests:  Ball, Huff, Gaither, Potter, Thobani


I.                    Call to Order 


II.                Approval of 3/14 and 3/28 Meeting’s Minutes (at Senate Website), VOTES.

 Mar 14 Meeting minutes

 Vote was called.  

 Mar 14 meeting minutes were approved with a vote of 46:1.


 Mar 28 Meeting minutes

 Vote was called.

 Mar 28 meeting minutes were approved with a vote of 37:2.


III.             Announcements/Updates

 - Faculty Marshals are needed for the May 13th Commencement at 9:00 a.m. Please contact President Sahami or Brooke Dilling.

 - Faculty Evaluation Taskforce will hold its third Forum on Thursday, 4/5 from noon-1pm in Room PL 140. There will an all-faculty vote on the handbook changes from the Provost’s Office.

- There are several upcoming All-Faculty annual votes run by Senator Hutto, Elections Committee, for FACT representative, Faculty Trustee, any proposed constitutional changes, seats for committee chairs, officers, caucus chairs as  well as Senate officer elections being held on May 2nd.


IV.              Committee Report:  - FS Curriculum Committee  – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian


 Senator Hernandez gave his report.


Report to Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

April 4, 2012

Unless otherwise noted, packets are approved unanimously.


-LAS 1112-106 Music Education

Program modifications for General Studies Approved unanimously, subject to minor


-LAS 1112-112 ENG 3523

Approved unanimously, subject to minor revision.

-LAS 1112-113 CHE General Studies Language

Program modifications for General Studies Approved unanimously.

-LAS 1112-114 CAS Archiving

Approved unanimously.

-LAS 1112-116 CS 3600

Approved unanimously.

-SPS 1112-19 Aviation General Studies Language

Program modifications for General Studies Approved unanimously.

-SPS 1112-20 Human Performance General Studies Language

Program modifications for General Studies Approved unanimously.

-SPS 1112-21 HPL

Approved unanimously, subject to minor revision.

-SPS 1112-22 Archiving of Gerontology certificate

Approved unanimously.

-SPS 1112-25 SED 4440 and TEDM 6800

Approved unanimously, subject to minor revisions.


Multiculural Designation approved:

ENG 3240


 Discussion was called by President Sahami.


 Curriculum approved unanimously by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee is automatically approved by the Senate unless there is a question posed by a Senator on the Senate floor.


President Sahami accepted the report on behalf of the Senate. 


V.                 PRESENTATION and DISCUSSION and VOTE New General Studies Catalog Language– Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian and Sen. N. Grevstad  http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/2012/0314&2812/General_Studies_Program_Mar_12__DRAFT_for_catalog.pdf

 Senator Grevstad reminded the Senate of the changes needed to update the college catalog to correspond to new General Studies program changes.  Senator Hernandez explained the rationale of the modified motion that had been changed due to faculty feedback and the friendly amendment by Senator MacDonald.


 Discussion was called.


 Senator Fustos, Computer Information Systems, asked about the three General Studies criteria and discussed a way that students might circumvent the requirements.


 Senator Louden, Theatre, commented that he did not believe the new system is fair regarding AP testing and the completion of SLOs.


 Senator Klimek, History, asked about limiting registration and the impact to financial aid.


 Senator Worster, Music, reminded the Senate that this is the book-end of the process started by the Senate and he had once spoken for his department in objecting to the completion time line but now they fully supported these updates.


 President Sahami asked about the rationale for restricting a student signing up for a missing class and nothing else and how that would hinder the goal of moving a student along and help their completion time.


 Motion 1 was spoken into the record by Senator Hernandez to adopt the proposed General Studies catalog language and the 45 credit timeline change.


 Vote was called.

 Motion was approved with a vote of 53:9.


 Senator Hernandez gave the alternative scenario if the Senate does not come to a positive vote on the next upcoming motion.


 Vote was called.

 Motion was approved with a vote of 53:9.


 PRESENTATION, DISCUSSION and VOTE:  Revision to Purple Book Section VI – Sen. Rey Hernandez-Julian and Sen. N. Grevstad (http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/2012/040412/PurpleBookSectionVI.pdf)

 Senator Grevstad presented an overview of the update to Section VI of the Purple Book. This is coming from the Purple Book Committee but these revisions have been vetted by both the Curriculum and General Studies Committees. There were six main categories of changes to update the Purple Book to conform to the new General Studies program.


 Senator Hernandez spoke the motion into the record for the Senate to approve the new Section VI of the Purple Book and the minor changes needed to align the General Studies language to the new General Studies Program.


 Discussion was called.


 Senator Gurker, Math and Computer Science, asked about the use of the Multicultural designation on page 6, #7 and she asked the difference between multicultural and diversity.


 Senator Pytlinski, Art, asked about the option of the global diversity requirement and the ability to ‘double dip’ and taking a course in their major and meet the requirement.


 Senator Worster, Music, checked the May 2010 vote and clarified that the Global Diversity is also a General Studies course was there.


 Senator Hernandez spoke the Motion into the record to accept the proposed Section IV of the Purple Book as well as additional minor changes to align the Purple Book to the new General Studies program.


 Vote was called.

 Motion was approved with a vote of 51:4.


VI.              SECOND READING of MOTION 3,4, DISCUSSION and VOTE: Changes to the Faculty Senate Membership to better represent the Faculty of College – Faculty Senate Membership Task Force, Sen. K. Sahami  (http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/motions/2012/FSMTFModECMotions2%200-031412.pdf

 President Sahami introduced the motions to expand the Senate membership.


 Secretary Ortiz gave the second readings into the record of Motion #3, Para 1.X


MOTION #3: Motion to modify ARTICLE IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of the Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate with the following addition *:


1.X One (1) Category II Faculty member shall be elected by Category II Faculty to serve as the Category II Senator At-Large, if they meet other eligibility requirements.




 Motion #4, Para 1.X:


MOTION #4 Motion to modify ARTICLE IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of the Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate with the following addition *:


1.X Three (3) Affiliate Faculty Members shall be elected by the Affiliate Faculty: One (1) from LAS, one (1) from SPS and one (1) from SCoB, to serve as the Affiliate Faculty Senators.


 President Sahami invited any committee members who would like to discuss the rationale of the Senate needing wider representation to speak before the general discussion was called.


 Senator Hill, Sociology and Anthropology, reminded the Senate that Affiliate faculty were the first faculty that many enrolling students meet when making decisions on their majors and Affiliates should be allowed to have a position in the Faculty Senate.


 Discussion was called. No discussion.

 These are Bylaws changes and Constitutional changes that will require a 2/3rd majority from the Senate before it goes the full Faculty for a vote.


 Motion III to accept Category II faculty into the Senate. 

 Vote was called.

 Motion III passed with a vote of 51:10.


 Motion IV to accept Affiliate faculty into the Senate.

 Vote was called.

 Motion IV was approved with a vote of 54:8.


VII.           PRESENTATION and  DISCUSSION:  Revision to Handbook Regarding Emeritus Status and Post Tenure Review  – Faculty Evaluation Task Force, Provost V. Golich, E. Ball, C. Odell, M. Potter, K. Sahami

 Dr. Eric Ball outlined the last of the Committee’s work on Post Tenure Review and Emeritus status will now be listed indefinitely in Metro’s online catalog and the decision to go on a case-by-case basis to requests by Emeritus faculty to retain email and rights to software.


 Dr. Ball also pointed out that in the changes to Sec V in the Handbook language regarding  departmental guidelines that suggested that the Provost had the final say that received a fair bit of pushback. The Provost agreed to a committee consisting of department chairs who will have a say in that decision, not one individual.


 President Sahami asked if there were any other members of the committee who wished to comment.

 Discussion was called.

 This is an informational item and the vote will be coming through the Provost’s Office as an All-Faculty vote.


 Senator Kent, Anthropology, asked what opportunities would exist for debate and discussion.  He then expressed his concern about: decisions on Emeritus not being a totally administrative decision; and, post-tenure review for senior faculty occurring every five years is burdensome and should be stretched out to ten years but he would agree to eight.


 Senator Worster, Music, commented that two tenured faculty member positions were on these committees and he suggested that language be included that if no qualified faculty senators can be found, that general faculty will be allowed to serve.


 President Sahami asked Senators to encourage faculty to attend the forum or send comments to any member to the committee.

 Dr. Ball asked Senators to encourage department faculty to take a look at Section V.

 President Sahami spoke to the 5th motion of reducing the membership was pulled at the last meeting.


VIII.        Adjournment

 The Senate was adjourned.




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