Faculty Senate

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

3:20pm – 4:50pm

Tivoli 320 A, B & C


I.                   PRESENTATION  , DISCUSSION and MOTION Comprehensive grade policy – Academic Policies Committee – Sen. G. Denn (Document Attached as: Proposed_Grading_Policy_102911.docx)+APC committee members

 Senator Denn gave report. Discussion called.


 Senator Kent, Anthropology, confusion about what remains on the transcript after the class is repeated.

 Senator Rengers, Health Professions, congratulated committee and his department would like to change 18 to 12

 Senator Svonkin, English, students have no idea how bureaucracy works

 President Sahami offered to have a straw poll to learn Senate majority preferences

 Senator Lubinski, Theatre, policy would apply to current or past students record

 London McDonald, Modern Languages, why do they have to apply to have grade changed and how can departments have their own rules

 Further comments by London McDonald

 President Sahami gave an example where student failed 1010s

 London McDonald commented that the department has the responsibility to do the appropriate advising and it does not seem like responsible counseling for graduation completion

 Senator Hernandez asked if catalog rules apply for academic policies the same way that major requirement do or do rules change as they progress through their degree

 Senator Hancock, Biology, asked how, in respective departments, it affect final product

 Vice President Worster believes policies have the success of student in mind

 Senator Grevstad asked if intent was that classes with more credit hours can be retaken fewer times. He does not agree.

 Senator Svonkin thinks the situation is going to get worse due to the financial climate. May need to have a broader discussion.

 Senator Ptylinski, Art, reported that her department remains unconvinced about the policy change. Asked how assertion that repeating class is no help to student was arrived at. Want to hear from the Access Center. More information on advising and infrastructure.

 Senator O’Dell, HPS, dept was very happy with policy. Metro has free resources and students must learn accountability

 Senator Izurita, Modern Languages, commented that the intent is not to create more bureaucracy but to help students succeed

 Senator Hernandez, Economics, would support the motion however needs improved    Senator Meloche commended the committee on making the transcript a more transparent and honest document – practical matter needs considering – if implement policy communicate very clearly making those deadline.

 Senator Fustos asked if committee did any impact analysis. He gave some department statistics. Speaking up to protect his dept chair.

 Senator Delaney, Art, asked when the advising would begin for student? What are we doing as a preventative measure

 Senator Hagen agrees with Senator O’Dell and gave a student example

 Senator Johnny? Mathematics agree with spirit but not negative language

 Senator Hasley, CIS, commented that students have challenges don’t think it is fair that they would be fair that they are knocked out

 President Sahami asked Senate to send recommendations to committee, perhaps develop a survey- no reason to rush it

Vice President Worster and Senator Denn gave final comments.




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