Draft to be approved 10/31/12

    Metropolitan State University of Denver

 Faculty Senate

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

3:20pm – 4:50pm

Tivoli 320 A, B & C




Attendees:  Akachem, Anastasia, Bahl, Balogh, Bernhardt, Bisio, Bonham, Carnes, Collette, Cook, Corash, Davinroy,  Davis, DelCastillo, Denn, Duburguet, Dyhr, Ethier, Evans, Forgash, Ghosh, Glatz, Grady-Willis, Gurley, Hagen, Hallam, Hasley, Hathorn, Hernandez-Julian, Hill, Hoffman, Holloway, Hutto, Izurieta, Jackson, Jacobs, Jayasanker, Jiang, Johnson, Karris, King, Kleinfeld, Klimek, Komodore, Krasner, Lamb, Liu, London, Lubinski, MacDonald, Malpass, McKenna, McKenzie, Monico, Mowder, Odell, Ortiz, Pantos, Posey, Preuhs, Pytlinski, Reid, Reimer, Rivas, Rogers, Ropp, Rucki, Sahami, Saxe, Schatz, Shopp, Simpson, Stephens, Svonkin, Szypulski, Tollefson, Wanberg, Worster, Yeh, Zhang, Zhu  Guests:  Ansburg, Ayesse, Fustos, Golich


I.                    Call to Order 


II.                 Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes (at Senate Website), VOTE.

             The Vote was called.

             The Minutes were approved.

III.               Announcements/Updates

-        Affiliate and Category II Senator Elections are being run by the Elections Committee. Tie-breaker voting in the Category II contest should produce a nominee with a majority vote shortly. Nominations have been solicited for Affiliate faculty.

-        There is one vacancy on the General Studies Committee (EC Appointment). The seat was vacated by Senator Sidelko. Please contact President Sahami or Senator Wagner, Chair of General Studies Committee if interested.

-        There are two appointments to be made to the ASA Policy Handbook. Please contact President Sahami if interested.


IV.              Committee Report:  - FS Curriculum Committee  – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/2012/101712/FSCCOct0312.pdf


 Senator Hernandez gave a summary of the report.

Report to Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

October 3, 2012


Unless otherwise noted, packets are approved unanimously.

-SPS 1213-1: TCM Department Name Change.

Technical Communication is now Journalism and Technical Communication

-LAS 1112-117: Course Modifications in English

New Course Description and other changes to Development of the British Novel

-LAS 1112: 126: Course Modifications in English

New Course Description and other changes to Development of the European Novel

-LAS 1112-127: New Course in English

Studies in Cinema: Variable Topics.

-LAS 1112-128: Course Modifications in English

Changes to Teaching Composition: 7-12

 Discussion was called by President Sahami. There was no discussion.

  Curriculum approved unanimously by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee is automatically approved by the Senate unless there is a question posed by a Senator on the Senate floor.

            President Sahami accepted the report on behalf of the Senate. 

V.                 PRESENTATION and DISCUSSION: New Non-Substantive Curriculum Change Form and New Service Learning Designation. Committee – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian and Sec. S. Rucki



 Senator Hernandez gave the rationale for changing the non-substantive curriculum change form. He referred to slides in his review of the layout of the new form and how the changes will make the process easier.


                          Motion read into the record:

To adopt the proposed non-substantive curriculum change form and to align the language in the Purple Book to be consistent with this new form.

 Discussion was opened.

 President Sahami asked if there was a possibility that this one form could be eliminated altogether and allow faculty to modify their syllabus if it is non-substantive.

 Senator Rogers, Social Work, asked if a change such as the adjustment in the number of exams being given by an instruction necessitate completing this form.

 Senator Pytlinski, Art, responded to President Sahami’s question that documentation is needed so that changes can be authorized and reflected in Banner.

  President Sahami closed the discussion and reminded the Senate that this item would be revisited at the next meeting and a vote would be held.



 Secretary Ruski summarized last year’s tasking by the AVP and the motivation to come up with a system for creating a designation for service learning to be attached to courses in the Applied Learning Center. The committee came up with a proposal and it has been presented to the Purple Book and Curriculum Committees.

 The definition of service learning was read into the record as:

A form of experiential learning where students combine classroom experience with community-based service that:

• Meets an identified community need

• Provides a structured opportunity for students to reflect on the service activity in such a way as to gain further understanding of course content

• Balances student goals and community goals through collaborative development of course content and service opportunity

• Engages students in structured preparation for, participation in, and reflection on service experience.


 Senator Hernandez spoke to the mechanics of how faculty would be granted the designation for their programs.

             The motion was read into the record:

            To approve the service learning designation and the service learning designation form and to align the language in the Purple Book and in other forms to be consistent with its approval.

 President Sahami opened up discussion to the Senate. There was no discussion.  President  Sahami reminded the Senate to be prepared to vote at the next Senate meeting.


VI.              BASE Committee ELECTION - Background and duties. -Sen. G. Denn and R. Wagner – Elections Committee


  Senator Denn, Physics, gave a short summary of the BASE Committee’s overall responsibilities.

 There were no questions or discussion. President Sahami turned the podium over to Senator Ropp, Chair, Elections Committee.

            -BASE Election

  Patricia McKenna has been nominated. Senator Ropp Elections made a call for nominations from the floor. There were none.

  Patricia McKenna is appointed by acclimation.

VII.           SECOND READING, DISCUSSION and VOTE: Proposal to change “College” to ‘’University” in the Constitution and By-Laws.  – Rules Committee



 Senator Ropp, Chair, Rules Committee read the motions into the record:

 Motion #1: Motion to Amend the Constitution

The name, “Metropolitan State College of Denver,” will be changed to

“Metropolitan State University of Denver” throughout the Faculty Senate


  Motion #2: Motion To Amend the Bylaws

The name, “Metropolitan State College of Denver,” will be changed to

“Metropolitan State University of Denver.” “MSCD” and “Metro State” will

be changed to “MSU Denver,” and “College” or “college” will be changed

to “University,” where appropriate. These changes will be made

throughout the Faculty Senate Bylaws.

   President Sahami announced the vote on both motions.

             The vote was called on the first motion:

 The motion passed: 97 to 3% (Constitutional changes must pass by a 2/3rds majority)

             The vote was called for the second motion:

                         The motion passed: 97 to 3%            

VIII.        SECOND READING, DISCUSSION and VOTE: Proposal to change the minimum teaching eligibility requirements for senate service in the Senate Constitution  – Rules Committee http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/2012/101712/Article_III_chg.pdf


 Senator Ropp read the motion into the record:

Motion: Change Article III of the Constitution to:


The Faculty

The faculty shall consist of tenured, tenure-track, and Category II faculty who

teach at least 3 credit hours each semester at the Metropolitan State University

of Denver. Department chairs are eligible to serve on Senate. Affiliate faculty can

serve on Senate only if they are elected representatives of the affiliate faculty.

Faculty members on leave from the University cannot be Faculty Senators or

serve on senate committees while they are on leave.

             President Sahami opened the discussion on the motion. There were no questions or discussion.

              President Sahami called the vote (a 2/3rds majority is needed to pass).

             The motion passed: 78 to 21%   

IX.              PRESENTATION and DISCUSSION: Under Graduate Research Program Awards and Upcoming Faculty Survey. - Profs. P. Ansburg, J. Forrest and J. Fustos  [Time certain: 7.5 min. Presentation+ 5 min. for questions]


 Pam Ansburg, Undergraduate Research Program, announced that the conference is scheduled for May 3rd and they are beginning to plan event and gave an overview of how the event will be mapped out. Post-survey results of the faculty mentors participating agreed 100% they would encourage students to participate in future events. She asked the Senate to discuss with fellow faculty whether the process of giving awards should be continued and outlined the positive motivations to students.  

 President Sahami opened up the discussion.

 An unnamed senator asked a question about the number of “honorable mention” awards and made a suggestion.

 Jeff Forrest made a comment about the research they reviewed from different campuses where awards do and do not work and the committee would appreciate faculty input to help them arrive at a consensus.

 President Sahami asked senators to discuss in their departments and to direct any suggestions to: undergraduateresearch@msudenver.edu.

 Pam Ansburg said in conclusion that if the committee decides not to offer university-wide awards that does not prevent departments from giving their own awards.  

X.                 Adjournment

             The vote was called.

 The Meeting was adjourned.




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