Draft to be approved on 3/28/12

The Metropolitan State College of Denver

 Faculty Senate

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

3:20pm – 4:50pm

Tivoli 320 A, B & C





Attendees: Akachem, Aubrey, Bahl, Baldwin, Balogh, Butler, Church, Collette, Cook, Davinroy, Davis, Delaney, DelCastillo, Denn, Drake, Dyhr, Elkins, Ethier, Flemon, Forgash, Fustos, Ghosh, Giordano, Glatz, Grevstad, Gurka, Hagen, Hallam, Hancock, Hasley, Hernandez-Julian, Hill, Holloway, Hutto, Izurieta, Jacobs, Johnson, Karris, Kent, King, Kleinfeld, Klimek, Komodore, Kottenstette, Kuhlmann, Lamb, Louden, Lubinski, MacDonald, Matthews, McNeeley Cobham, McVicker, Meloche, Murphy, Odell, Ortiz, Pleis, Preuhs, Pytlinski, Quinn, Reid, Reimer, Rengers, Reyes, Rissman, Rogers, Ropp, Rucki, Sahami, Saxe, Schatz, Sidelko, Snozek, Stephens, Sundeen, Svonkin, Vowles, Wanberg, Weber, Worster, Yeh, Zajdowicz Guests:  Huff, Thobani


I.                    Call to Order


II.                 * SECOND READING of MOTION, DISCUSSION and VOTE: Bylaws Change for Simultaneous Review of Curriculum Packets by FSCC, FSGS and FSMCR – FSCC, Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian (Document Attached as: SimultaneousReviewMotion.docx)


  Senator Hernandez requested the second reading of the motion by the Senate Secretary.

  Read into the record by Secretary Ortiz

 Discussion called.

                         Vote called.

                         Motion passed.

Motions to change Bylaws require a 2/3rds majority and it easily passed.


III.               Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes (at Senate Website), VOTE.

  Vote called



IV.                Announcements/Updates

  -Senate Office is moving to SSB 342.

  -Disruption of student services during week of 3/19

  -Distinguished Service Awards taking nominations

  - Faculty Evaluation Taskforce finished its charge and Mark Potter along with other FETF members will be holding Forums: 3/27: 2 - 3pm, 4/2:11am - noon, 4/5: noon - 1pm


V.                 Committee Report:  - FS Curriculum Committee -with discussion of split vote on RDG 11510 (requested 5min. time certain) – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian (Document sent by R. Hernandez on March 9th as: SPS 1112-17.pdf and on March 13th as FSCCReportMarch142012 )

   Senator Hernandez presented the report.

   President Sahami called for comments or questions.


Curriculum approved unanimously by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee is automatically approved by the Senate unless there is a question posed by a Senator on the Senate floor.


 President Sahami accepted the report on behalf of the Senate. 


 Senator Hernandez introduced basis for non-unanimous vote on Reading 1310.

 Discussion called.

 Senator Snozek read a statement and spoke in support for Reading 1310


              Vote was called.

 Course modifications were approved.  


VI.              PRESENTATION and DISCUSSION and VOTE Minor Changes in General Studies Language– Sen. Rey Hernandez-Julian and Sen. N. Grevstad  

 Senator Grevstad, Chair, General Studies Committee and Senator Hernandez, Chair Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee presented the proposed changes in the college catalog’s general studies program description.


 Discussion was called.

 Senator Kent, Anthropology, congratulated the committee. He is concerned about transfer students and will not be supporting the motion from an advisor’s position.

 Senator Klimek, History, advises students as well and she asked about the mechanism for advisors to waiver.

 Senator MacDonald, Modern Languages, made a Friendly Amendment to the motion:

She understood the current motion to read that the department did not have any involvement in helping to make these determinations and she would like to have the language include department participation in the decision making process.


 Senator Gurka, Math & Computer Science, thanked the committee; asked if the program changes only apply for new students; and commented that she would like to see a first review date written in where faculty can determine if the changes were successful or not, down the road.


 President Sahami asked the Senate to please discuss with their departments.


VII.           At the request of four senators, President Sahami called for a decision vote for whether the Senate would go into closed session to discuss membership motion changes.


* SECOND READING of MOTION 1,2 and DISCUSSION: Changes to the Faculty Senate Membership to better represent the Faculty of College – Faculty Senate Membership Task Force, Sen. K. Sahami  (Document Attached as: FSMTFmod&ECMotions.doc, FacultySenate_Distributions.pdf)


 Vice-President Worster asked why the Senate should go into a closed session.

 Senator McVicker spoke about the need and appropriateness of Executive Sessions and that she, in this instance, supports Vice-President Worster’s view.

 Trustee Kottenstette, Communications Arts and Sciences, supports Vice-President Worster and believes that the meeting should remain open.


 Vote called to decide whether to go into closed session.

 Motion was defeated and meeting will stay open.


  President Sahami stepped down as the Chair of the Senate session in order to participate in the debate and asked Vice-President Worster to assume the role.


 Vice-President Worster asked Secretary Ortiz to moderate the meeting so that he could debate.


 Senate Flemon called a ‘point of order’ and requested that Vice-President Worster participate in the debate. The ‘point of order’ was not accepted.


 Senator Svonkin pointed out that the closeness of the vote was troubling to him. He believes there is still that concern and the issue is problematic and should be reconsidered.


 Senator Svonkin moved to adjourn the meeting so that the Executive Committee can further discuss this issue and bring the topic back at the next Senate after it has been discussed with the Executive Committee.


            Motion was seconded.


 Vice-President Worster called the motion to adjourn.

 Vote called.

 Senate was adjourned.







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