Draft to be approved 2/15/12

The Metropolitan State College of Denver

Faculty Senate

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

3:20pm – 4:50pm

Tivoli 320 A, B & C





Attendees: Akacem, Akrabova, Bahl, Baldwin, Balogh, Bisio, Butler, Capps, Church, Collette, Cook, Corash, Davinroy, Davis, Delaney, DelCastillo, DeMuro, Denn, Doe, Drake, Duburguet, Dyhr, Elkins, Ethier, Forgash, Ghosh, Gibson, Giordano, Glatz, Gurka, Hallam, Hasley, Hernandez-Julian, Hill, Hutto, Izurieta, Jackson, Jacobs, King, Kleinfeld, Klimek, Komodore, London, Louden, Lubinski, MacDonald, Malpass, Matthews, McKenzie, Meloche, Murphy, Odell, Ortiz, Pleis, Posey, Pozzi, Preuhs, Pytlinski, Quinn, Reid, Reimer, Rengers, Rissman, Rogers, Ropp, Rother, Rucki, Sahami, Saxe, Sidelko, Stephens, Sundeen, Svonkin, Szypulski, Vowles, Wanberg, Weber, Worster, Yeh, Zajdowicz Guests:  Huff, Paul, Thobani


I.                     Call to Order


II.                  Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes (at Senate Website), VOTE.

    Vote called.   Minutes Approved. 


III.               Announcements/Updates

-          Senator Davinroy, Chair, Faculty Senate Teaching Excellence Awards Committee made a call for nominations in three categories: Tenure, Tenure-Track and Affiliate. The award is $1500 in each category and self-nominations are welcome. The committee needs two additional members (at least one member should be tenured).

-          A Fulbright Workshop will be held on Feb. 17th from 9:30a-11:30a in CN 301.

-          The Fostering Collaborative Relationships in Health and Wellness Forum will be held on Feb 17th from 7:30a-9:00a in St. Cajetans. Please look for an email with more details from The Office of Sponsored Programs.

-          The Provost re-communicated the guidelines for Cat II faculty to deans, chairs and all faculty last week.

-          The Senate Membership Task Force will be addressing several requests by groups that have asked the Senate to extend membership to them.

-          The Center for Urban Education has issued a call for presentations for their April 11th-13th meeting.


IV.              Committee Reports: 


  - FS Curriculum Committee – Sen. R. Hernandez-Julian *Discussion (if any) to include both Jan. 18th and Feb. 1st reports. (http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/FSCC/2012/FSCCReportJanuary182012.pdf



Report to Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

January 18, 2012

Unless otherwise noted, packets are approved unanimously.

LAS 1112-7 ENG 4600 Modification

Updates the Teaching Literature, Communication, and Visual Literacy Course 7-12 course for

English Education majors.

LAS 1112-45 GEG 1000

Modifications to World Regional Geography for GS Designation.

LAS 1112-46 GEG 1920

Modifications to Concepts and Connections in Geography for GS designation.

LAS 1112-21 HIS 1110

Modifications to Colorado History I for GS designation.

LAS 1112-22 HIS 1250

Modifications to China, Japan and Korea Since 1800 for GS designation.

LAS 1112-24 HIS 3090

Modifications to Native Americans in American History for GS designation.

LAS 1112-25 HIS 1210

Modifications to American History to 1865 for GS designation.

LAS 1112-26 HIS 1220

Modifications to American History from 1865 for GS designation.

LAS 1112-27 HIS 1010

Modifications to Western Civilization to 1603 for GS designation.

LAS 1112-28 HIS 1020

Modifications to Western Civilization from 1603 for GS designation.

AA 1112-4: Honors Program

The Honors Program is being revised so that student can choose different tracks based on their

major. The program language in the catalog will be updated, and these tracks will now be

integrated into Banner.

SCOB 1112-2: ECO 2020 for GS

Modifications to Principles of Microeconomics for GS designation.

SCOB 1112-3: ECO 2010 for GS

Modifications to Principles of Macroeconomics for GS designation.

SCOB 1112-4: ECO 1040 for GS

Modifications to Citizens Guide to Economics for GS designation.

SCOB 1112-5: ECO 3800 for GS

Modifications to Economics of Development for GS designation.

SPS 1112 5: ITP 1500 for GS

Modifications to Dynamics of Health for GS designation.

LAS 1112-32: HIS 1030

Modifications to World History to 1500 for GS designation

LAS 1112-33: HIS 1040

Modifications to World History from 1500 for GS designation

LAS 1112-34: HIS 3770

Modifications to World of Islam for GS designation

LAS 1112-39: HIS 1100

Modifications to American West for GS designation

LAS 1112-52: HIS 1650

Modifications to Women in US History for GS designation

LAS 1112-53: HIS 3140

Modifications to Renaissance and Reformation for GS designation

LAS 1112-54: MTH 1112

Modifications to College Algebra through Modeling for GS designation

LAS 1112-29: MTH 1610

Modifications to Integrated Mathematics I for GS designation

LAS 1112-30: MUS 1050

Modifications to History of Rock and Roll for GS designation

LAS 1112-30: MUS 3050

Modifications to Musics of the World for GS designation

General Studies Designations Approved:

-ECO 1040: Citizen’s Guide to Economics (SBS I)

-GEG 1000: World Regional Geography (SBS I, GD)

-HIS 1010: Western Civilization to 1603 (HIS)

-HIS 1110: Colorado History I (HIS)

-HIS 1210: American History to 1865 (HIS)

-ITP 1500: Dynamics of Health (SBS I)

-MTH 1112: College Algebra through Modeling (QL)

-MTH 1610: Integrated Mathematics I (QL)

-PSC 1020: Political Systems and Ideas (SBS I)




Report to Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

February 1, 2012

Unless otherwise noted, packets are approved unanimously.


LAS 1112-76 MTH 1080

Modifications to Mathematical Modes of Thought for GS Designation

SPS 1112-16 Human Services Program Modification

Modifications to Human Services to maintain accreditation.

SPS 1112-11 HTE Program Modification

Approved unanimously subject to minor revisions.

LAS 1112-68 SOC 1010

Modifications to Introduction to Sociology for GS designation.

-LAS 1112-36: HIS 3590

Modifications to American Immigration History for GS designation

General Studies Designations Approved:

-ECO 2010: Principles of Macroeconomics (SBS I)

-ECO 2020: Principles of Microeconomics (SBS II)

-ECO 3800: Economic Deveopment (SBS I, GD)

-HIS 1020: Western Civilizations since 1603 (HIS, GD)

-HIS 1030: World History to 1500 (HIS, GD)

-HIS 1040: World History since 1500 (HIS, GD)

-HIS 1100: American West (HIS)

-HIS 1220: American History since 1865(HIS)

-HIS 1250: China, Japan, and Korea since 1800(HIS, GD)

-HIS 1650 Women in US History (HIS)

-HIS 3090: Native Americans in American History(HIS)

-HIS 3590: American Immigration History (HIS)

-HIS 3770: World of Islam (HIS, GD)

-MTH 1080: Mathematical Modes of Thought (QL)

-MUS 1050: History of Rock and Roll (AH)

-SOC 1010: Introduction to Sociology (SBS I)


 Discussion called.  There was no discussion.


Curriculum approved unanimously by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee is automatically approved by the Senate unless there is a question posed by a Senator on the Senate floor.


President Sahami accepted the report on behalf of the Senate. 


   -FS Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee – Sen. M. Holloway

(Read into the record by Sec L Ortiz)


V.                   PRESENTATION and  DISCUSSION:  Results from the Academic Policies Faculty Senate Survey on Comprehensive Grading Policy– Sen. G. Denn



 Senator Denn, Physics, Chair-Academic Policies Committee, presented the results of a four-question survey (48 faculty responded). Results and comments are on the Physics Department’s website under survey.pdf


 Secretary Ortiz asked if all the courses carry the same value throughout this discussion.

 Senator Glatz, Modern Languages, voiced his confusion about the notations or limitations.

 President Sahami mentioned there was a portion of the proposal that distinguished between the types of withdrawals.

 Senator Gibson, Music, Academic Policies Committee, gave an explanation of how grades would appear on the transcript and GPA calculated.

 Senator Pytlinski, Art, asked how the 18 credits would be calculated.

 Vice President Worster, Music, Academic Policies Committee, outlined the intent of the annotations and the justification that came from the HSI Taskforce Report and the research done within the NCHEMS schools.

 Senator Denn mentioned that the committee would be presenting a reading of the new policy this semester.

 Senator Gibson commented that the committee discussed developing scenarios to show how the policy will change the current grading system.

 President Sahami formally requested that the committee develop illustrative scenarios.

 Senator Davinroy, Earth&Atmospheric Sciences, asked what happens when a student receives an override from an advisor or chair.

 Senator Louden, FACT, Theatre, asked how class repetition will be monitored.

 Senator MacDonald, Modern Languages, asked about students repeatedly dropping before the 10th week and how students can be helped before the new policy would impact them.

 An unnamed Senator asked if a student who withdraws in the 9th week would be counted against their financial aid.


 President Sahami mentioned the new requirement when faculty give a student a failing grade (non-attendance vs. an ‘earned F’).


VI.              FIRST READING of MOTION and DISCUSSION: Bylaws Change for the Faculty Senate Student Activities Committee – Sen. S. Rucki  http://www.mscd.edu/senate/assets/pdf/motions/2012/FSSACMotion.pdf


 Senator Rucki, Political Science, gave an overview of the issue of faculty representation on the committee and the logic for the recommendation.


 President Sahami reminded the Senate that a change to the Bylaws requires a 2/3rds majority.


 Discussion was called.


              Sec Ortiz read Article V, Section 19 into the record:  


                Motion to modify ARTICLE V, Section 19 of the by-laws of the

Metropolitan State College of Denver Faculty Senate to read:


Section 19 Student Affairs Committee

19.1 Duties. The Student Affairs Committee shall:

19.1.1make recommendations to the Senate concerning all problems relating to student welfare (except academic standards and policies) including but not limited to:

a) Student Union Facilities

b) Club activities

c) Student rights and responsibilities

d) Student Activities

e)Allocation of student funds

19.2 have the sole authority to appoint faculty representation to the Student Affairs Board.

19.2.1  .  The committee shall appoint these representatives, as defined by the by-laws of the Student Affairs Board, from the membership of the committee.  If no committee member can serve in this capacity, or if there are an insufficient number of committee members able to serve to fulfill the required representation as defined by the by-laws of the Student Affairs Board, the committee shall recruit from outside the committee in the following order:

1.  from the membership of the Faculty Senate at large

2.  from the general faculty




 President Sahami thanked Academic and Student Affairs for the food set up for the meeting.


VII.           Adjournment

 Senate was adjourned.




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