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Marilyn K Starrett

Central Classroom 209

Vita File

Personal Biography Statement

When I was 5 years old, I began lining up all my dolls and stuffed toys in front of an old easel slate board. I was the teacher and they were the students. Teaching is in my heart. I came to it later in my career however.

When I returned to college as a single 30-year-old mother with two young sons, I chose Metro State. There, I learned the craft of writing from Greg Pearson and became smitten with journalism. After graduation, I wrote features about acid rain, ballet, water law and other topics for a monthly mountain magazine.

Alas, as a single mom, I had to find work that paid enough to put food on the table for my sons and me. Thus began my long career at Kaiser Permanente where I had the opportunity to further learn and practice a variety of diverse skills, including magazine production, convergent media, print and broadcast journalism, crisis communications, and the art of documenting the lives and health of a diverse patient population.

Specifically, I wrote and produced an award-winning magazine; I conducted monthly on-camera media training for physicians, executives and staff; I created DVDs and videos for patient education, staff and physician training; I was the Colorado program lead for the national Web site; I managed the launch of new functionality for Web applications. I worked happily at Kaiser Permanente until I retired in 2003.

I recently accepted a tenure-track position as assistant professor of journalism and public relations. I also teach social documentary with Kenn Bisio.

My goal is to improve the academic rigor of the public relations courses and thus help students secure jobs or go to graduate school.

Conference Participation

"Visual Medical Diagnosis: Implications for Public Health and Public Relations," 25th Visual Communications conference. Taos, New Mexico. 2011

"Extreme Experience: Pairing reporters and photographers off site for an intensive workshop." 24th Annual Visual Communications conference. Portland, Oregon. 2010.

“The Art of Medicine: A patient doesn’t care how much a doctor knows, until he knows how much a doctor cares. Using video to teach bedside manner.” 15th Annual Visual Communications conference. Yamhill, Oregon, 2001.

“I Dream of Colors That Do Not Exist: Using Ritual to See the Light,” with Paul Lester, California State University. 15th Annual Visual Communication conference. Yamhill, Oregon, 2001.

“Us and Them and Us: Images of a Strike.”14th Annual Visual Communications conference, Chico Hot Springs, Montana, 2000.

“Videos Help Patients Make Treatment Decisions.” 11th Annual Visual Communications conference, Jackson Hole, Wyoming,1997.

“Magazine Design and Public Relations Strategy.” Western States Communication Association, Los Angeles, California, 1996.

"Impact of Cover Design on Readers." 9th Annual Visual Communication conference, Flagstaff, Arizona, 1995.

Current Projects

Compiling a book of six-word stories. All entries will be considered.


Published a book, "Serendipity Italy. A photographic love letter to Italy."

Courses Taught


Office Hours

Monday - [10:00 to 11:00]
Tuesday - [11:00 to 12:00]
Wednesday - [10:00 to 12:00]
Thursday - [11:00 to 13:00]

Photo of Marilyn K Starrett

Current Semester Schedule

30599 JRN-2700-001 Fundament of Public Relations TR 1100-1215
31750 JRN-4700-001 Public Relations Strat. Plan. MW 1400-1515
33515 JRN-3970-001 Publication Practicum M 1530-1645
34342 JRN-4890-001 Social Documentary W 1700-1815