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Dr Randi H Brazeau

Environmental Science

SCI 2050

Educational Biography

Ph.D. Civil Engineering; Virginia Tech
M.E. Civil Engineering; University of Florida
B.S. Civil Engineering; University of Florida

Selected Publications

Brazeau, R.H. and M.A. Edwards. (2011) A Review of the Sustainability of Residential Hot Water Infrastructure: Public Health, Environmental Impacts and Consumer Drivers. Journal of Green Building, 6(4): 77-95.

Brazeau, R.H. and M.A. Edwards. (2013) Water and Energy Savings from On-Demand and Hot Water Recirculating Systems. Journal of Green Building, 8(1):75-89.

Brazeau, R.H. and M.A. (2013) Edwards. Optimization of Electric Hot Water Recirculation for Comfort, Energy and Public Health. Journal of Green Building, 8(2):73-89.

Brazeau, R.H. and M.A. Edwards. (2013) Role of Hot Water System Type/Design on Factors Influential to Pathogen Regrowth: Temperature, Chlorine Residual, Hydrogen Evolution and Sediment. Accepted for Publication: Env. Eng. Sci.

Edwards, M. A. Pruden, J. Falkingham, R. Brazeau, K. Williams, H. Wang, A. Martin and W. Rhoads. Relationship Between Biodegradable Organic Matter and Pathogen Concentrations in Premise Plumbing. Denver, CO. 111 pages. Water Research Foundation.

Courses Taught


Photo of Dr Randi H Brazeau

Current Semester Schedule

32197 ENV-1200-003 Intro to Environmental Science MW 1400-1515
32747 ENV-1200-002 Intro to Environmental Science TR 0930-1045
34403 ENV-3400-001 Water Resources MW 0930-1045
34404 ENV-4460-001 Advance Water Quality Analysis F 1100-1315
34553 SCI-2620-002 Integrated Earth Systems TR 1200-1350