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Dr Jillian Louise Mollenhauer


ART 187M

Personal Biography Statement

Jill Mollenhauer is Assistant Professor of Art History, Theory, and Criticism in the Department of Art at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She completed her doctorate in Art History, Theory, and Criticism at UC, San Diego where she specialized in the arts and cultures of Mesoamerica with a secondary emphasis in Native American art. Her dissertation, "Olmec Monuments as Agents of Social Memory," focuses on the stone monuments of the Olmec culture, specifically their role as agents in the production and erasure of social memory. Jill completed her BA in Art History at UCLA. Currently, she teaches the World Art 1 art history survey (ARTH 1600), as well as upper-dividion courses in the arts and cultures of Mesoamerica (ARTH 3401) and the pre-Columbian Andes (ARTH 3402), the art of the ancient Maya (ARTH 350D), and Latin America modern art (ARTH 3481), along with seminars in object agency (ARTH 490C) and art theory and criticism (ARTH 4480).

Research Areas/Interests

Within the arts of Mesoamerica I specialize in the works of the ancient Olmec culture of southeastern Mexico. Broader themes within my research have included monuments and social memory; the agency of objects; space, place, and landscape; the ritual practice of deity impersonation in Latin America; and (most recently) the production of rock art throughout world history.

Selected Presentations

“Changing Spaces: Olmec Monuments and the Production of Social Space in the Preclassic Gulf Lowlands,” presented at the 2011 Annual Meetings of the College Art Association in February, 2011.
“Pre-classic Monuments and the Formation of Social Memory,” presented at the 2009 Annual Meetings of the Society for American Archeology in April, 2009.
Panel co-chair, “Mesoamerica’s Formative: New Approaches in and Out of Olman,” presented at the Society for American Archaeology 2009 Annual Meetings in Atlanta, Georgia.
“Fortunes of Femininity: Maya Women and Ritual Performance,” presented at the 2006 Annual College Art Association Conference, in February, 2006.

Professional Affiliations

College Art Association
Society for American Archaeology
Association for Latin American Art

Courses Taught


Office Hours

Thursday - [12:00 to 17:00]

Photo of Dr Jillian Louise Mollenhauer

Current Semester Schedule

56998 ARTH-4480-001 Art Theory and Criticism MW 1100-1215
57594 ARTH-4480-003 Art Theory and Criticism MW 1400-1515
59063 ARTH-4720-001 Directed Research in Art Hist TBA TBA-TBA
60655 ARTH-3401-001 Art of Ancient Mesoamerica MW 1530-1645
60729 CHS-3401-001 Art of Ancient Mesoamerica MW 1530-1645
60763 HON-4480-001 Art Theory and Criticism MW 1100-1215