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Dr Gregory S Black

AD 560A

Personal Biography Statement

Dr. Black came to Metro from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. He loves being at Metro State and in the Denver area. Before moving to Colorado, he often visited the state to take advantage of the outdoor activities here. He grew up in northern Arizona and went to school both in Utah (BYU) and at Washington State University. Dr. Black has more than 85 articles published in academic journals and trade publications, or presented at conferences.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Black believes in the importance of students and providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful marketing professionals. He realizes the need to pay particular attention to learning styles of students and to design classes with elements that will appeal to the various learning styles of his students. His door is always open for students, whether they are in his classes or not, to discuss various marketing-related topics with him. He realizes that his profession is one of service and the population it serves are the students.


Dr. Black enjoys working with others and is often found engaged in various research projects with other faculty members. He realizes the value and synergy that can occur when working with others and feels very grateful to those faculty members, students, work study students, and administrators who support and work with him.

Courses Taught


Photo of Dr Gregory S Black

Current Semester Schedule

30206 MKT-3980-001 Internship in Marketing TBA TBA-TBA
35691 MKT-498V-001 Adv. Business Communications TBA TBA-TBA