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Dr Cathy M Gaither



Personal Biography Statement

Hello - my name is Catherine Gaither, but you can call me Cathy. I am a physical anthropologist which means I study human biology from an anthropological perspective. More specifically, I study things like human evolution, human variation, forensic anthropology, evolutionary medicine, paleopathology, and primatology. My specialty areas are paleopathology and forensic anthropology. This means I specialize in the study of health in ancient populations, which involves excavating and analyzing human skeletal and mummified remains found in archaeological contexts. I also specialize in forensic anthropology, which is the study of human remains in a medicolegal modern context. I have recently founded the Metropolitan State University of Denver Human Identification Laboratory which offers forensic services to local and regional law enforcement agencies (see the link to our website on the anthropology home page). I also have a growing interest in the field of evolutionary medicine which focuses on research in the fields of paleopathology and human evolution, and how the information gained from that research can be applied to our modern medical experience. I got my PhD from Tulane University and the majority of my field research has been in Peru. I have worked at various sites along the coast and in the highlands, and continue to be actively engaged in a number of research projects, many of which invite student participation. If you're interested in learning more, I hope you'll consider taking one of my classes.

Current Projects

Director, MSU Denver Human Identification Laboratory
Fieldwork in Peru - multiple projects
Upcoming projects in Costa Rica


Languages spoken:
Native Language - English (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)
Russian (just a bit - minya zavoot Katya)
Indonesian (just a bit - nama saya Cathy)

Research Areas/Interests

Forensic Anthropology, Bioarchaeology

Professional Affiliations

Member, American Association of Physical Anthropologists
Member, Paleopathology Association
Membership applicant, American Academy of Forensic Science
Member, Colorado Human Remains Extraction and Recovery Team (COHEART)
Member, Institute for Andean Studies
Member, Paleopathology Association of Brazil


Since I am now Chair of the Department, my office hours are by appointment only, but please do feel free to contact me if you need an appointment.

Courses Taught


Office Hours

Monday - [  :   to   :  ]
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Tuesday - [  :   to   :  ]
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Photo of Dr Cathy M Gaither