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Dr Cynthia G Dormer


Vita File

Personal Biography Statement

I have a bachelor’s, masters, and PhD all in Nutrition. I am also a registered dietitian (RD).

Educational Biography

PhD Human Nutrition; Colorado State University
MS Human Nutrition; Colorado State University
RD Penrose Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colorado
BS Home Economics, Montana State University

Professional Affiliations

Colo Nutrn and PA Early Childhood Task Force. 2007-present
Denver Dietetic Association. 2007-present.
Colorado Hunger Coalition, 2008-present.
Colorado Dietetics Association-present
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics-present
Colorado Action for Healthy Kids-present
Weight Management ADA Practice Group

Teaching Philosophy

As your instructor, I believe it’s my job to provide resources, suggestions, practice and feedback to support your learning and it’s your job to set goals for achieving, to engage with class materials, and to do your best to achieve your goals. Ways I try to do my best for you include:
•Fostering a caring classroom community.
•Attempting to bring information to life through stories, activities and relevant projects.
•Following a challenging, stimulating, timely, and consistent class routine.

Ways you can do your best in my class include:
•Come to class and participate, or if an online student, be present in discussion and be in touch via e-mail.
•Support other students’ success. The best way to really learn something is to teach it to someone else.
•Develop a weekly nutrition study routine that allows you to absorb and enjoy the material rather than stress and cram.

Current Projects

I’m passionate about both great teaching and about help people avoid and overcome problems brought by overweight and obesity. I'm involved in obesity prevention research. I'm involved in campus wellness and weight management programs. Let me know if you’d like to get involved in any of these!


Personal things about me are that I live south of Denver with my three terrific kids, lawyer husband, and a collie-heeler mixed breed running partner. I love running, hiking, skiing, cooking, mountain biking, and, someday when I have more time, I'm going to really get into gardening.

Courses Taught


Office Hours

Friday - [09:00 to 03:00]

Photo of Dr Cynthia G Dormer

Current Semester Schedule

31922 NUT-3400-004 Nutrition and Weight Managemnt TBA TBA-TBA
32264 NUT-3980-001 Internship TBA TBA-TBA
33295 HON-3400-001 Nutrition and Weight Managemnt TBA TBA-TBA
33762 NUT-3700-002 Nutrition Education & Counsel W 1400-1650
33766 NUT-3400-005 Nutrition and Weight Managemnt TBA TBA-TBA
34264 NUT-3700-001 Nutrition Education & Counsel M 1400-1650