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Jenn Zuko Boughn received her BFA in Acting and BA in English from CU-Boulder in 1995, and her MFA in Writing and Poetics from Naropa University in May 2001. She has had her poetry published in several magazines, both local and national, and the author of a theatrical manual called _Stage Combat_ from Allworth Press. She is an actor and storyteller, and has appeared on stage in such groups as the Actor’s Ensemble, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Frequent Flyers Productions Dance Company, the Colorado Renaissance Festival, and her own troupe, Five Funny Faces.

Jenn's theatrical specialty is movement arts: she is the head instructor for the MSCD Stage Combat Club of Auraria, and is the author of _Stage Combat: Fisticuffs, Stunts, and Swordplay for Theatre and Film_, the textbook for Metro's Stage Combat classes.

Jenn's literary specialty is children's literature, fantasy and science fiction. She teaches on these topics both in Metro's English and DU's University College Masters of Liberal Arts programs.

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34496 THE-2210-006 Introduction to Theatre MW 1100-1215
34763 THE-3220-CFM Stage Movement F 0800-1050