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Dr Amy L Zsohar

Speech Communication

Vita File

Personal Biography Statement

Dr. Amy Zsohar is joining our full time team after spending 7 years on the adjunct/affiliate circuit and is excited to bring her experience in culture, gender, performance, and rhetoric to the department. After completing her PhD from the University of Denver in culture, gender, and communication, she spends her time finding new ways for students to study communication looking at identity. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her cats, going to movies and live theater shows, reading, and watching as much bad television as she can while grading. Her classes are filled with activities that make the information immediately applicable. She finds that by bringing in her own brand of crazy, her classes are filled with energy, laughter, and a great deal of learning… ninja style!

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy can be summed up in one word: Community. From the first moment of the semester or quarter until the last, I work to establish a safe place where all students feel they have a voice. Every person in the room should feel they are in a space where they can express their thoughts, opinions and beliefs without fear of reprisal or judgment. While not everything said in class is accepted by all, I work for a space where critical questioning and analyzing is the norm. The majority of my teaching is done in a student-centered discussion with lecture interspersed as warranted.
Using discussion based teaching method offers each student a chance to find and develop each individual voice. Allowing a space for subjects of identity, queerness, race, whiteness, gender and performance of self to be discussed offers chance for self-reflection and discovery. A safe space where one can fully express one’s self is what a classroom should be, especially a communication classroom. In an effort to foster self-reflexivity and ownership of one’s voice, the classroom environment I work to create opens that safe place where one, as they struggle with identity issues, feels a sense of camaraderie and comfort in their journey.
To fully understand one’s role in the community, one must know how one self and socially identifies. Within the discussion of communication, whether gender, culture or interpersonal, identity plays a powerful role. As my classes are student centered and discussion based, a great deal of time and energy is spent discussing the role of identity and the exploration of one’s identity. Using theories of performance, intercultural, gender, queer, and interpersonal communications my students are offered an opportunity to assess their own intersectional identities and explore how those assumed and/or performed identities play into communication.

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Monday - [11:00 to 01:00]
Tuesday - [02:00 to 03:30]
Wednesday - [11:00 to 01:00]
Thursday - [02:00 to 03:30]

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