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Dr. Nhu S. Nguyen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Department of Human Performance and Sport

Dr. Nhu Nguyen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Performance and Sport. An avid outdoors enthusiast, mother and teacher, Nhu developed a secondary methods education course. It is a progressive course that includes current generational activities and sports such as skateboarding, takraw, rugby, tchoukball, and speedball. She ushered it through the various steps from being a trial course to a required course for the K-12 physical education program.

When Nhu is not teaching and advising her students, she has coached many Junior USA National Volley Ball teams or is playing the game herself. Recently, she has given many presentations at the National, District, State and local levels.

Nhu says her father was a major influence on her life: bringing his family to the U.S. from Vietnam with a wife and three children, and no resources. “He learned a new language, went back to school. I was influenced by his hard work, ethic, and enjoyment of sports,” says Nhu.

With a great desire to “actively learn and participate in professional development,” Nhu describes herself as optimistic, energetic, and passionate. For her, MSU Denver provides an abundance of opportunities for professional development and training future, good teachers.

Nhu can recommend her favorite ethnic restaurants, including many local places to eat Pho. Interested in what Denver has to offer young families? Nhu has a comprehensive list: the Butterfly Pavilion, the Fiske Planetarium and Science Center in Boulder, and, of course, her favorite trails for mountain biking, snowshoeing and skiing.

The number one thing that attracted me to MSU Denver was the faculty in my department and the supportive administration. I realized that this is a place where you could have a life-long career. When you look for a place to work long term, you want to feel valued––we have that here.

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