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Fall 2015 Tutoring is available on a walk-in basis only. For one-on-one tutoring, please contact our front desk at 303-556-4048. We are located in the Student Success Building, Suite 220.





Accounting (ACC)
Africana Studies (AAS)
Anthropology (ANT)
Architecture (ARCH)
Art (ART)
Art Education (ARTE)
Art History, Theory and Criticism (ARTH)
Astronomy (AST)
Aviation and Aerospace Science (AES)
Beverage Management (BVG)
Biology (BIO)
Career and Personal Development (CPD)
Chemistry (CHE)
Chicana and Chicano Studies (CHS)
Chinese (CHI)
Civil Engineering Technology (CET)
Communication Design (CDES)
Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Computer Science (CS)
Computer Science Studies (CSS)
Criminal Justice and Criminology (CJC)
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLD)
Early Childhood Education (ECE)
Economics (ECO)
Education Technology (EDT)
Electrical Engineering Technology (EET)
Elementary Education (EDU)
English (ENG)
Entrepreneurship (CFI)
Environmental Science (ENV)
Finance (FIN)
Fire and Emergency Services (FER)
French (FRE)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geography (GEG)
Geology (GEL)
German (GER)
Health Care Management (HCM)
History (HIS)
Honors (HON)
Hospitality, Tourism, and Events (HTE)
Human Performance and Sport Skills (HPL)
Human Performance and Sport Theory (HPS)
Human Services (HSP)

Industrial Design (IND)
Integrative Healthcare (ITP)
Italian (ITA)
Japanese (JPS)
Journalism (JRN)
Leadership (LDR)
Letters, Arts and Sciences (LAS)
Linguistics (LING)
Management (MGT)
Marketing (MKT)
Mathematical Sciences (MTH)
Mathematics Teaching and Learning (MTL)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)
Military Science (MILR)
Modern Languages (MDL)
Meteorology (MTR)
Music (MUS)
Native American Studies (NAS)
Nursing, Accelerated (NURA)
Nursing, RN to BSN (NUR)
Nursing, Traditional (NURS)
Nutrition (NUT)
Parent Education (PAR)
Philosophy (PHI)
Physics (PHY)
Political Science (PSC)
Professional Studies (SPS)
Psychology (PSY)
Reading (RDG)
Recreation Professions (RECR)
Secondary Education (EDS)
Science (SCI)
Social Work (SWK)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPA)
Special Education Courses (SED)
Speech Communication (SPE)
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS)
Surveying and Mapping (SUR)
Technical Communication (COM)
Theatre (THE)
Women's Studies (WMS)

Tutoring for the Buisness core courses (ACC 2010, ACC 2020, CIS 3300, CIS 3320, FIN 3300) are offered as follows at the College of Buisness Tutoring Center. For other business courses, please contact the Student Academic Success Tutoring Center in Student Success Building 220 at 303-556-4048.

Josephine Dankyi - ACC 2010, ACC 2020, CIS 3300 & FIN 3300

Owen Herman -CIS 3300 & CIS 3320

Robert Rumsey - ACC 2010 & ACC 2020

Ellie Salemi - FIN 3300

Schedule is subject to change


Course / Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday





 8:00-6:00 8:00-6:00 8:00-5:00



10:00-6:00  9:00-4:00 10:00-6:00 10:00-5:00