Intellectually stimulating career exploration

METROLEADS (MSU Denver Leadership Forum) provides an intellectually stimulating career exploration and discovery experience for faculty, affiliate faculty, classified & exempt staff that have demonstrated and/or desire to demonstrate exceptional promise in contributing to excellence at MSU Denver.

“At MSU Denver, our slogan "Where Success Begins with You" is more than a catch-phrase; it is a uniting concept born of our own identity. MSU Denver was built upon the leadership of social visionaries, and in our shared pursuit of preeminence, the abundance of leadership among our ranks must continue to be cultivated.”
– President Stephen Jordan


In 2005, Assistant Director of Admissions, Paul Cesare, ignited by President Jordan’s vision for MSU Denver to become the preeminent urban university in the nation, along with First Lady, Ruthie Jordan, initiated the METROLEADS Leadership Forum. A proposal (39 KB) was submitted and approved by the Vice-Presidents and extended Cabinet. METROLEADS selected its first class of 20 METROLEADERS in June 2006 and launched its first Retreat on Friday/Saturday, August 18 & 19, 2006. METROLEADS is housed under the Office of the President.


METROLEADS is based on the belief that organizational growth is predicated on employee growth.


Forum participants, or METROLEADERS, engage in wide ranging discussions and learning activities related to critical issues and opportunities that arise in leading and managing the higher education enterprise. The President serves as Forum Chair. The President, Vice Presidents and Forum Director participate in all METROLEADS activities as schedules permit.



METROLEADS is a twelve-month commitment and includes a two-day retreat, eight seminars, as well as other engaging and enriching experiences to complement the Forum experience. METROLEADERS must attend the retreat and at least seven of the eight seminars. Supervisor approval is required.