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President's Messages

Message from the President
June 2016
Last month, more than 2,000 students graduated at our spring commencement ceremony. Many of those students overcame extraordinary challenges to achieve a college education. Many faced roadblocks that would have derailed the aspirations of almost anyone else. Some were told they weren’t college material. Others got started on the path later in life. Most balanced their education with raising a family, working full time or navigating life without a safety net. And yet they persevered.
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Message from the President
February 2016
The challenges facing academic institutions are accelerating, and if we don’t evolve, we will be forced to shut our doors. But here’s the good news – MSU Denver is already adapting, and one of the ways we’re doing so is through the creation of public-private partnerships. These partnerships have generated new revenue streams, while also supporting academic programs, adding scholarships and creating productive community connections.

Message from the President
November 2015
Every university should have a space where people can come together to discuss big ideas, consider important decisions and resolve pressing conflicts. In my opinion, MSU Denver has one of the best venues in the state of Colorado, if not the country, for this type of essential and impactful work. It’s called the Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis, but around here we call it simply CAVEA....

Message from the President
September 2015
At my first-ever address to the MSU Denver community in 2005, I laid out a vision for the then-college: to become the preeminent public urban baccalaureate college in the nation. At the time, that seemed like a tall order, but the guiding light of that vision has kept the University on an upward trajectory that has significantly transformed MSU Denver, from program development to infrastructure improvements to enhancement of opportunity for underrepresented students.

Message from the President
June 2015
The Regency Athletic Complex exemplifies the type of transformation we embrace at MSU Denver. The 13-acre, state-of-the-art complex includes baseball and softball diamonds, a soccer field, eight tennis courts, a 23,000 square-foot locker room and training area plus a multi-purpose fitness trail. Located on the south side of Colfax, across from the main campus, the $23.6 million facility is one of the best in Division II athletics and will serve the University well.
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Message from the President
April 2015
Our alumni believe that MSU Denver is one of the best values in higher education nationwide. They know from experience. We certainly have been committed to making high-quality education accessible to people from all walks of life since our inception 50 years ago. Today, we offer the most affordable tuition of Colorado’s large, four-year universities.
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Message from the President
January 2015
The Military Times ranking — the most comprehensive school-by-school assessment of veteran and military students’ success rates — has been in place for five years, and MSU Denver has been included on this distinguished list of honorees every year. The success stories of our students and alumni illustrate why.

Message from the President
October 2014
The initiative will prepare motivated students with the specific skills they need to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow, as well as decades into the future. The ground-breaking curriculum will foster advantageous connections between aviation and aerospace science; mechanical, electrical and civil engineering technologies; industrial design; physics; computer information systems and computer science.
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Message from the President
October 2013
We see transformations occurring every day for MSU Denver’s 22,217-strong student body, the most diverse student body of any four-year institution of higher education in the state of Colorado. More than any other state college or university, we mirror Colorado’s population.

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