At MSU Denver, dreams can become reality.

At Metropolitan State University of Denver, dreams can become reality.

For some, that means getting a degree or a job. But for others, it means launching a business or a community organization. That’s where MSU Denver’s Center for Innovation can help.   

At the Center for Innovation, MSU Denver student-entrepreneurs can take courses for a minor or certificate in entrepreneurship, but they can also take advantage of expert and financial resources available for start-ups.  

Check out some of the programs:

Franchise Ownership Program
Starting in Spring 2013, the Franchise Ownership Program provides loans and training to individuals who want to successfully operate a franchise. While a few colleges and universities have classes directed at franchise management, only MSU Denver provides an entire program of support during the start-up phase and after. Students also can apply to receive some financial backing to purchase a franchise.

Micro-Lending "The Innovation Fund"
The center and the Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute offer loans through The Innovation Fund to MSU Denver students and community entrepreneurs looking for a small amount of money to grow their business. After a $25 application fee, participants can apply to borrow up to $2,500 at 9 percent interest for a six-month term. Loans are awarded based on demonstrated need and business viability.

MetroStateCreates Virtual Incubator
The MetroStateCreates Virtual Incubator helps artists build successful small businesses. The incubator connects these entrepreneurs to advisors, loan services, e-commerce, showroom space and fellow creative entrepreneurs. 

Faculty Fellowships
The Faculty Fellows in Entrepreneurship Program is designed to stimulate the development of entrepreneurship courses across the MSU Denver curriculum, increase the number and scope of experiences and courses in entrepreneurship, and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in students of any academic major.

John B. Trueblood E-Coaching
The John B. Trueblood E-Coaching Program offers business support for K-12 students. The program is currently only available to select participants in the Young Americans Center for Financial Education Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs contest.

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