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All declared Music majors and minors are assigned a music faculty advisor during the first semester of music study. This advisor assignment remains the same throughout the course of obtaining a music degree. Students may request to change their assigned advisor by contacting Joice Gibson,

If you are unsure of who your assigned music advisor is, contact the Music Office, AR-287, 303-556-3180.

Music Majors 

Carla Aguilar:, 303-352-7279

Don Byron:, 303-556-8656

Joice Gibson:, 303-352-4820

Mark Harris:, 303-556-8655

Michael Hengst:, 303-556-8659

Fred Hess:, 303-556-8669

David Kish:, 303-556-3252

Alex Komodore:, 303-556-8692

MB Krueger:, 303-556-8673

Cherise Leiter:, 303-556-8675

Brandon Matthews:, 303-352-7111

Ron Miles:, 303-556-2620

Emily Ondracek-Peterson:, 303-556-3251

Jooeun Pak:, 303-556-3391

Gene Roberts:, 303-556-8683

Peter Schimpf: 303-556-3180

Patricia Surman:, 303-556-2577

Bradley Thompson:, 303-556-8667


Music Minor

Joice Gibson:, 303-352-4820

Gene Roberts:, 303-556-8683


Graduation Advising

Peter Schimpf: 303-556-3180

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