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Managing the Digital Signs using the KioWare software

On this page you will find instructions on managing digital signs using the KioWare software.





To log in to KioWare, go to:

Click here to learn how to manage content in the Large Media Playlist, including:

  1. Adding New Slides
    • Adding to the Media Library
  2. Reordering Slides
  3. Editing and Deleting Slides
  4. Publishing and Saving Changes

Click here to learn how to manage content in the Text Entry Area, including:

  1. Adding New Text Events
  2. Reordering Text Events
  3. Editing and Deleting Text Events
  4. Publishing and Saving Changes

By Default the RSS Feed is set to CNN’s top stories. If you would like to adjust this, please provide ITS with the link to an RSS feed you would like us to replace it with by creating a ticket at with the URL and the digital sign you would like to change.

At this time, the ticker is only allowed to take one RSS feed maximum.


Click Here to view the new Four Winds Digital Signs Tutorial PDF

Further Assistance


If you have additional questions, concerns, or need immediate assistance - Please contact the MSU Denver Help Desk.

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