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How to Get Started

You will start by attending an orientation with an Internship Coordinator who is assigned to your major. The orientation will include an overview of the internship program at MSU Denver, suggestions for finding and applying for an internship, instruction on the use of the MSU Denver TIP Online Internship Database and individual resume review.  

1.  Call 303 556-3290 and schedule an internship orientation appointment.  If you already have an internship site located advise the staff when you call.

2.  Watch the Resume Video and TIP Tutorial Video.

3.  Open TIP Online using the link below.  Log in using the user name and password provided by the Internship Program staff.

4.  Upon login, agree to the Guidelines and Agreements by initialing the required statements. At this point you will see internship opportunities, but you will not be able to apply for them yet.

5.  Attend your orientation appointment with a draft resume.  After your appointment, and your resume is reviewed, you will be given full access and you can begin applying for internships.


Additional follow up appointments with you Internship Coordinator can be made with your coordinator if: 

  • You have a unique circumstance that you would like to discuss with someone
  • You want to create a self designed internship
  • You find an internship and need to start the process to register for academic credit

Log in to TIP here

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