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Request for Student Job Posting

Please fill out the following information to post a student employment position

NOTE: This job posting site is to ONLY be used by supervisors of Metropolitan State University of Denver student employees.

If you are a private employer and would like to post a job for MSU Denver students, please contact Career Services at 303-556-3664.

All fields must be filled in order to complete this form. If you are editing a job posting and want to change only part of it, please enter N/A (Not Applicable) into the fields you want to remain the same. The Student Employment Coordinator will edit only the requested changes. Also, supervisors must have the Job Number they wish to edit on hand when they use this Job Posting system. To find the job you wish to edit, please go to the following site:

For maintenance purposes, jobs over six months old will be deleted from the website.

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Please allow three (3) business days for your job posting to be processed.


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