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Restaurant Concentration

RESTAURANT Management concentration prepares students for operations and management positions in commercial and institutional food service areas such as restaurants, clubs, culinary administration, hotels, resorts, schools, colleges, health care, business and industry in plant feeding, and catering.

To be awarded a degree, students must complete the departmental requirements, 34 hours of General Studies Course Requirements, 3 hours of Multicultural Graduation Requirement, 3 hours of Senior Experience Graduation Requirement, 39 hours of Major Core Requirements, 21 hours of Concentration Requirements, and 20 hours of electives or a minor plus electives.

Departmental Requirements

  • Declare an area of study in Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism or Events Management.
  • Meet with HTE faculty and review an official CAPP report with the first semester.
  • Present verification of 1,200 clock hours of on-the-job experience in the HTE Major at stage of graduation.  These hours may be secured through paid job experience, cooperative education, internships or a combination of the three.
  • Present Adult CPR and First Aid certifcation at stage of graduation
  • Demonstrate a basic competence in a foreign language by earning a grade of "C" or above in a college-level, modern language class or through testing given by the Department of Modern Languages.
  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.5.

A grade of "D" or better is required for courses in this program to count toward the Bachelor's degree.  Students should not that programs differ in the minimum grade required.

PLEASE NOTE:  The following requirements are for students with a catalog year of Fall 2014 or later.  If your catalog year is prior to Fall 2014, your requirements may be different.  Please meet with your HTE advisor to review your CAPP report to make sure you are meeting the requirements for your catalog year.

General Studies Course Requirements

Written Communication (minimum 6 semester hours)

  • XXX  XXXX - Select any approved General Studies Written Communication courses

Oral Communication (minimum 3 semester hours)

  • XXX  XXXX - Select any approved Oran Communication course

Quantitative Literacy (minimum 3 semester hours)

  • MTH 1210 - Introduction to Statistics

Arts and Humanities (minimum 6 semester hours)

  • XXX  XXXX - Select any approved General Studies Arts and Humanities courses

Historical (minimum 3 semester hours)

  • XXX  XXXX - Select any approved General Studies Historical course

Natural and Physical Sciences (minimum 6 semester hours)

  • NUT 2040 - Introduction to Nutrition*
  • XXX  XXXX - Select any aproved General Studies Natural and Physical Sciences course

Social and Behavioral Sciences I (minimum 3 semester hours)

  • ECO 2010 - Principles of Macroeconomics*

Social and Behavioral Sciences II (minimum 3 semester hours)

  • XXX  XXXX - Select any approved General Studies Social and Behavioral Sciences II course

*Course has prerequisites; check current MSU Denver Catalog for requirements.

Multicultural Graduation Requirement

  • XXX  XXXX - Select any course from Multicultural approved list

Senior Experience Graduation Requirement

  • HTE 4000 - Hospitality Field Experience I*


  • HTE 4040 - Hospitality Senior Research*


  • HTE 4811 - Managing a Destination*

*Course has prerequisites; check current MSU Denver Catalog for requirements.

Major Core Requirements

  • ACC 2010 - Principles of Accounting*
  • HTE 1030 - Introduction to Hospitality, Tourism and Events
  • HTE 1035 - Academic and Career Planning
  • HTE 1533 - Food Fundamentals
  • HTE 2010 - Event Industry
  • HTE 2015 - Beverage Fundamentals
  • HTE 3030 - Sustainable Tourism
  • HTE 3250 - Managerial Accounting for Hospitality*
  • HTE 3550 - Human Resources in Hospitality*
  • HTE 3570 - Hospitality and Tourism Marketing*
  • HTE 3580 - Legal Aspects of Hospitality*
  • HTE 4730 - Hospitality Negotiations and Sales*
  • HTE 4750 - Hospitality Leadership*
  • HTE 4800 - Hospitality Strategic Management*

*Course has prerequisites; check current MSU Denver Catalog for requirements.

Restaurant Management Concentration

  • HTE 1603 - Food Science
  • HTE 2613 - Food Production and Service I*
  • HTE 3603 - Labor and Product Control*
  • HTE 3613 - Wine Fundamentals*
  • HTE 3623 - Food Production and Service II*
  • HTE 4110 - Applied Restaurant Operations*

Select three of these four courses:

  • HTE 3310 - Global Cuisine*
  • HTE 3643 - Healthy Cooking*
  • HTE 3813 - Baking and Pastry*
  • HTE 3833 - Garde Manger*

*Course has prerequisites; check current MSU Denver Catalog for requirements.